Katryna Balboni
Katryna is the content marketing manager at Appcues. She's a Boston startup veteran with a passion for good storytelling and engaging content. Her non-Appcues time is spent traveling to strange new places, befriending street cats, and baking elaborate pies.
UX Design

5 Ways to Personalize Your User Onboarding Experience

There's more to personalization than adding a {First name} token to your emails. Here are 5 ways to personalize your onboarding UX.
UX Design

User Psychology: 6 Principles for Better UX Design

To design products that stick, you have to understand what makes your users tick!
UX Design

The Dos and Don’ts of In-App Notifications

In-app notifications are a powerful tool for engaging users. Here's how to turn points of interruption into moments of value.
UX Design

The Art of Letting Go: 6 Ways to Improve the UX of Your Offboarding Experience

Offboarding matters, too. Here's how to say goodbye to customers gracefully (and give them a reason to return).
UX Design

We Categorized Over 500 User Onboarding Experiences into 8 UI/UX Patterns

Common user onboarding patterns and how to use them—with real examples and tips for designing your own best-in-class user onboarding UX.
UX Design

Gradual Engagement: Why Your Mobile App’s First Screen Should Not Be a Signup

A mobile app's first screen should make new users feel welcome and demonstrate value, not scare them off with form fields.
UX Design

Modal Windows: How to Use This Bold UI Pattern Correctly

There's a fine line between being big and bold, and downright annoying. Here's how to design modals your users will actually enjoy.
UX Design

Simplifying Complex User Onboarding for Mobile

Smaller screens demand simpler onboarding. Here's how to streamline your mobile onboarding and improve your app abandonment rates.
UX Design

21 Open-Source Tooltip Plugins Made With CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript

The best free tooltip plugins known to Google.
UX Design

The Power of Discovery: How to Use Self-Directed Learning in User Onboarding

Sometimes being helpful means telling your users to go figure it out for themselves.
Customer Experience

User Onboarding Doesn't Have to Be Digital: 5 Companies to Learn From

Whether you sell software or sneakers, user onboarding can help you increase engagement, reduce churn, and create better user experiences.
Product Management

Jason Amunwa on Data Design and Finding Meaning in the Metrics

We interviewed Jason to learn how better design can save us all from drowning in our own data.
UX Design

Tooltips: How to Use This Small but Mighty UI Pattern Correctly

A good tooltip delights users and adds value to your product. Here's how to use this powerful UI pattern the right way.
UX Design

31 Awesome (and Free!) UI Kits for Mockups and Wireframes

Behold! The best UI kits for web and app design—all of which just happen to be totally free!
Customer Experience

A Beginner's Guide to In-App Messaging

Done correctly, in-app messaging relieves user frustrations and delivers contextual, personalized messaging where and when it matters most.
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