Appcues + Segment

Enable the collection and integration of user data across all of your specialized tools.
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Customer data platform (CDP)
Data management

About this integration

Appcues' Segment integration makes it easy to automatically collect user data and pass it to other specialized tools, so your team can make the most of the information you all share.

  • Collect data when users take key actions (which users have/haven't seen, completed, and interacted with flows) and pass them to analytics tools (like Heap, Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Google Analytics) for deeper analysis and insight
  • Continue your user's experience across multiple tools (like your marketing automation platform) to send messages after users take action
  • Give users access to features within your product management tool of choice and pass those properties to Appcues to target those users with in-app experiences describing how to use the feature

Who can use this feature

💰Segment via Appcues is available on Essentials, Growth and Enterprise plans.

About Segment

Segment is a customer data management and analytics solution that helps you make sense of customer data coming from multiple various sources.

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