Customer success

Don’t tackle it alone

Appcues is a trusted, reliable partner that has the experience, resources, and people to help you reach your goals. Let’s do this together!

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Feel confident knowing that you have experts backing you at every step in the journey

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Move quickly

You and your growth objectives don’t have time to wait. Get the responsive, expert support you need to iterate and experiment quickly—no matter your timezone! 

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Lean on experts

We’ve partnered with thousands of businesses on their onboarding and adoption goals and will bring that knowledge to each conversation.

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Start off right

Getting the project off in the right direction can make or break your product-led journey. Our team takes the time to understand your goals and provide guidance where you most need it.

An onboarding program with your success in mind

For many of our customers, you’ll receive a customized onboarding program and a dedicated Onboarding Manager to work through a strategic plan with clear milestones and success metrics.

Planning and training


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Establish strategy
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Define KPIs
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Install Appcues
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Send events and user properties
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Enable analytics
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Kick-off and strategy session

Align on strategies, goals, and timeline to build out your customized onboarding experience and plan.

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Pre-install prep

Review the installation process and prep your team to pass both user properties and events needed for targeting and goal setting.

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Design workshop

Learn to design and use Themes to create consistent looking experiences native to your application.


Building and review


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Build flow(s)
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Build user segment(s)
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Create Goals
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Go through Flow building, segmentation and debugging workshops to review how to build experiences, set baselines and success metrics, create targeted segments for personalization, and test Flows to make sure you’re delivering the best experiences.

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Review & check-in

Review results from tracking Active Users, Page Views, and Custom Events, and optimize with recommendations and best practices.


Workshops and graduation!


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Flow review
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Finalize targeting
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Test on staging and production
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Launch product experiences
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Review results 
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More workshops

Learn about advanced features like integrations, NPS and Launchpad, as well as how to to manage Flows across your organization.

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Revisit Goals & Success plan, validate your ROI path and connect you with our Customer Success team for long-term success. You got this!

Folks on G2 agree!

“The app's functionality isn't the only thing to love. The customer support we've received is also excellent. They really want us to succeed, and it shows.”

Palmer M.

“They have a wealth of knowledge about onboarding and UX. Also, don't be afraid to chat with their support team and success reps. They are really nice, helpful, and great to work with.”

Rachel H.

“It's extremely easy to use and the customer service has been great. The people there aren't afraid to take the time to make sure you know the product.”

Julie N.

“The people at Appcues have been amazing since day 1, always checking in to ensure we found success with their product. I have nothing but good things to say about Appcues!”

Jessie G.

“As a customer service professional, I can appreciate great support when I receive it and that's exactly what I get when I need some help from Appcues. Very responsive.”

Jeff C.

“The Appcues team is friendly, outgoing and super responsive to us. They took the time to understand our business goals from the very beginning of the sale and well beyond our purchase to help guide and ensure our success, which is definitely one of the reasons we chose them!”

Amanda B.
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