Make Appcues an integrated part of your software stack

We integrate with popular analytics, email, and data software, so you can measure and create seamless user experiences across channels.

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Send user property data from Salesforce to Appcues to use for in-product targeting and segmentation, and send Appcues survey and event data to Salesforce for automation and analysis.

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Imagine your product stack talking to each other like one big, happy, product-led family.
Connect to 1,500+ products. 10x your product experience.

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Target marketing campaigns based on how users interact with Appcues flows, and help your sales team identify how individual users interact with Appcues experiences.

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Google Analytics

Find out how different acquisition channels affect user interactions with your flows, and identify where your most engaged and active users come from.

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Analyze and visualize the entire customer journey from first marketing touch to product usage, and send trigger-based emails after Appcues experiences are seen.

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Automatically sync Appcues events to your Segment account, then send that data off to other Segment integrations, including Mixpanel, Heap, and Google Analytics.

image of all the integrations that Appcues provides
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See which users are interacting with which of your Appcues flows. You can also send survey responses (like NPS scores) directly to Intercom.

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Enable communication across devices. With Localytics, you can send push notifications based on a user's interactions with an Appcues experience.

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Track events from your own application in Heap, and then measure the impact that your Appcues experiences have on your users' behavior.

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Track the performance of your Appcues experiences in Mixpanel. Set up onboarding, activation, and retention funnels in Mixpanel to test and adjust your flows.

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Pass Appcues behavioral data into Klaviyo to trigger email communications targetted to users based on what they did with Appcues.

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Reach out to users depending on what they did in Appcues. For example, this integration enables you to send an email two weeks after a user skipped the onboarding flow.

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Measure the impact of your flows by creating funnels in Amplitude. Then, test and adjust your flows to ensure they are optimized for success. logo

Target users based on what they did with Appcues. For example, send a follow up email based on the score of an in-product NPS response.

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