How are our workshops different?

Ever attended a webinar where every slide was read to you by the presenter? Our workshops are the opposite of that! They're hands-on, GIF-heavy, and you'll walk away with frameworks and practical advice you can apply in your job today.

User onboarding 101

With over a decade of experience helping companies improve their user onboarding, Ramli John LOVES to nerd out and share what works, what flops, and how to get your engagement charts up and to the right. Each quarter, he teaches a User Onboarding 101 workshop and does deep dives into the following topics:

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Understanding user success
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Reducing time-to-value
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Personalization and segmentation
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Effective in-app triggers

Product launches 101

Anna is well-known around these parts for her top-notch organization and execution. In her product launch workshops, she shares templates she’s created to stay organized, frameworks to get org-wide alignment, and how she built a self-serve system for product marketing resources. Her quarterly workshops include:  

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Planning and organization
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Positioning and messaging
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Coordinating in-app and out-of-product messaging
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Enabling your teams

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