It’s not magic, but it sure feels like it

Create stunning in-app experiences in minutes without any help from your developers. Scroll on down, and we’ll show you around!

Illustration that shows that Appcues is a layer that sits on top of your product
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The magic of Appcues is unlocked by installing our SDK, a snippet of JavaScript much like the tags you’d add to a website. You can add it directly to your product’s codebase or simply integrate Appcues with Segment. Once installed, we’ll start tracking events, and you’ll be ready to publish a flow! To learn more, check out our Installation docs or view our open-source mobile SDKs.

Picture showing the Appcues layer and how you add a small snippet of script to your code to install
Picture showing the Appcues builder and how easy it is to drag and drop content


You’ll use the Appcues Builder to create flows and track new events. Anyone on your team can design and edit flows right on top of your product and set up tracking for key user behaviors. No code, just clicks. Ready to start making things? Get Appcues’ Builder now.



Once you’ve created a flow, you’ll use Appcues Studio to choose who should see it and what action(s) you want them to take. Create and target user segments based on virtually any behavior (like the completion of another flow or using a specific feature) or attribute (like job title or location). Remember those events you tracked using Appcues’ Builder? Go ahead, use those too! 

Picture showing Appcues targeting and segment customization
Picture of a published Appcues flow


Before you publish your new flow, you can preview the experience in its entirety—and in context—using test mode. Share it with your team or just get that little boost of confidence you need to hit the publish button. When you go live, our SDK knows to start showing your Appcues flow to the audience that you targeted. Unpublishing a flow is just as easy.



With our Events Explorer, you can easily measure product usage and adoption over time. Select one or more of the events you track to make a beautiful and intuitive chart, then save it to a dashboard for regular reporting and analysis. Establish baselines, identify new opportunities, or just take a moment to celebrate your work—we’ll bring the balloons. 

Picture of a chart within Appcues studio that displays the results from your onboading flow