Appcues + HubSpot

Pass user and account properties for better targeting and enable teams to see how users are interacting with in-product experiences.
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Marketing automation
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About this integration

Appcues' HubSpot Integration makes it easy to target marketing campaigns based on how users interact with Appcues flows and set up flows, goals, and segments based on HubSpot Contact Record properties. It can also help your teams identify how individual contacts are interacting with in-product experiences.

  • Target and segment in-product experiences based on virtually any attribute in HubSpot—including plan tier, MRR, renewal date, account owner, and lifecycle stage
  • Update HubSpot contacts in real-time as they interact with Appcues content—including NPS and survey responses, flow completion, and goals
  • Send emails to users who completed, skipped, or interacted with in-product experiences (such as emailing those who didn't complete an onboarding flow)

Who can use this feature

💰HubSpot is available on Growth and Enterprise plans.

💰HubSpot via Zapier is available on Essentials, Growth, and Enterprise plans.

About Hubspot

HubSpot is an all-in-one stop for all of your marketing software needs.

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