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How Litmus used Appcues to increase feature adoption by 2100%

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Tanya Littlefield
Director of Retention and Engagement

About Litmus

Litmus offers a suite of email design and email marketing tools that help over 250,000 customers build, design, test, and analyze their emails.

🎯 The challenge

Recognizing that the majority of their e-commerce customers were on monthly plans, Litmus faced a pivotal challenge in expanding their user base and minimizing churn. They knew that their users’ first interactions with their product were crucial for growth and retention—so getting users to see value as quickly as possible was key. Already sophisticated in nurture campaigns, Tanya (along with the rest of the growth and retention teams) set their sights on an omnichannel approach to reach customers within the product to help guide them and promote new behaviors.

🏆 The solution

To address this challenge, Tanya turned to Appcues to run a series of growth and retention experiments—including onboarding and product enhancement communication to drive adoption. They decided to use a series of in-app flow elements to draw attention to important features.

đź‘€ How they did it

1. Segmenting messages by usage

Litmus offers several unique features to their enterprise customers, including Litmus Proof. But rather than announce Litmus Proof with a one-size-fits-all email like they’d previously used to communicate improvements, Litmus delivered an in-app message to two user groups in the product— those who had used Proof before and potential Proof users. 

2. Playing with multiple announcement types

Next, Litmus used an Appcues tooltip to highlight their Process HTML feature and show users the value it can provide.

âś… Results

Litmus saw exciting results all around! After their initial announcement, existing Proof users continued their regular usage, while an impressive 20% of those who hadn’t used Proof before adopted the feature following the update announcement.   

Additionally, in their second feature announcement, of the users who saw the tooltip, 62% became active users of the feature—compared to only 2% in the control group. That’s a significant 22X increase in feature adoption.

Excited by the results, Tanya explained:

“Coming up with the right vehicle to serve the content is super important. You need to know what kind of content your users want and how they want to see it. Not every message needs the same style. With Appcues, we can serve this content in a ton of different styles.”

Beyond the astounding results, Tanya and her group saw another exciting result from these efforts: rapid experimentation. They could now validate their ideas through user testing while fine-tuning feature placements on the dashboard for more strategic communication. 

“With Appcues, we have really been able to build, optimize, and test with a lot fewer people involved and way less time than if we were to go through an engineering sprint.”


Our hot take

Rapid product experimentation opens up a world of untapped potential! Testing and learning on the fly aren’t always the first benefits folks picture when they think of Appcues, but sprucing up the user experience without needing an army of engineers—now that's a game-changer! Hats off to the folks at Litmus, we can’t wait to see what they try next!

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