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Run multi-channel onboarding with Appcues + Customer.io

Ecosystem intro:

Customer.io allows marketers and product folks to send targeted emails, push notifications, and SMS to their users to lower churn, create stronger relationships, and drive subscriptions.

But what if...

You could weave in-product and out of product experiences together? 

Great onboarding touches all stages of the user lifecycle, and leverages all of the channels you have access to, including your product.

What metric will this impact?

This formula will impact activation rate, 30 day retention, feature adoption, and free trial conversion. 

The key is in finding the user when they’re most likely to convert. How many times have you received an onboarding email and immediately deleted it? Sorry folks, but the reason you have a 30% open rate on your emails is because the rest of the world is operating just like you. By combining your in-product and out-of product onboarding, you can make sure users learn about key features and get up to speed while you have their attention. 

What’s the formula?

First, you’ll create you key product onboarding flows. These should align with all of the key stages in your buyers journey. Does the user need to invite other users? Is there a technical installation? Will any reports need to be built? Help your product sell these stages. 

Once you’ve built your flows, create your onboarding emails. They should align with similar stages and users should be opted out of receiving the emails, if they have already completed the relevant experience. 

Finally, make sure you’re rewarding users! An in-app checklist is a great way to gamify your onboarding, as well as congratulations messaging sent via Email or SMS. 

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