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Customer Success

Collect and organize feedback with Appcues + Zapier + Google Sheets

Ecosystem intro: 

Sometimes, there’s nothing better for the job than a classic spreadsheet. I doubt there are many people watching this video who’ve never used Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. 

Collecting customer feedback is critical, but often it can be cumbersome to get everything into one place. 

But what if...

Instead of exporting all of your valuable in-app survey data, pasting it into a spreadsheet, and moving everything around until you have the format you want, you could automatically pipe survey data from your product over to Sheets or Excel?

We’re talking about enabling real-time analysis, right from your Google Suite. Now you just need to find someone who can write a vlookup.  

What metric will this impact?

This formula is all about protecting your team’s time. Nobody likes spending time manipulating CSV’s, especially when they could be shipping awesome product improvements. 

How does this work?

First, publish a feedback form into your product, using Appcues.

Then, set up a spreadsheet with headers in the first row in excel online or Google Sheets.

Finally, set up your Zap. Make sure it receives data from the correct Flow ID in Zapier. If you’d like to use a template, we've made them available to you on our Zapier landing page.

Turn everything on, and you’re ready to go!

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