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Boost ROAS by greeting Facebook lead gen leads with in-app experiences

Ecosystem intro: 

Facebook Lead Gen is a powerful tool that allows you to collect form submissions on the Facebook Ad platform. These CTA’s can range from downloading content or setting up a demo to requesting a trial account. 

But what if...

...the first time a user who came from Facebook signs into your product, you greeted them with a personalized experience? 

These days, it’s getting more and more expensive to acquire new users. Make your ad spend count by ensuring everyone has a targeted path to follow once they’ve signed up.

What metric will this impact?

Return on ad spend, activation, trial conversion

How does this work?

First, set up your Facebook Lead Ad.

Next, set up a few welcome experiences that you’d like to use based on the different information you collect in your ad.

Finally, create a Zap that looks up new leads in your CRM, grabs their account, and then passes a property to Appcues that you can use to target your experiences.

Recommended formulas