Appcues + Amplitude

Pass data and sync segments to target users with relevant in-product experiences and deeply analyze the results alongside the rest of your product data.
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About this integration

Appcues’ Amplitude integration makes it easy to measure and understand the impact that Appcues experiences have on activation, engagement, and retention. You can also sync Amplitude segments to automate more sophisticated and personalized flows.

  • Measure the impact of Appcues experiences by gaining deeper insights and creating funnels
  • Utilize segment data in Amplitude to recommend features to your users based on past behaviors, such as the usage of similar features
  • Analyze how Appcues flows impact key behaviors by investigating drop-off points and understanding abandoned user segments

Who can use this feature

💰Amplitude via Appcues is available on Essentials, Growth and Enterprise plans.


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About Amplitude

Amplitude is a product analytics service that makes it easier for companies to understand user behavior, ship the right features and improve business outcomes.

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