Appcues + LogRocket

Watch users interact with in-product experiences for a more complete picture of user behavior.
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About this integration

Appcues' LogRocket integration makes it easy to learn more about users by watching them interact with your product and in-product experiences.

Pass both flow interaction and click-to-track events from Appcues, making it easier to get deeper insights in a matter of minutes.

  • Watch users interact with flows to ensure they are working as intended, the copy is clear, the content displays as desired, etc.
  • Identify users who offer a negative NPS score, then watch their session to understand their in-product interactions and frustration better
  • Track users who fail to complete core flows, then watch their session to understand why
  • Measure engagement with a beta or new product, then discover how users are exploring the feature and what additional in-app guidance might be needed
  • Spot user issues, confusion, or points of friction in a session and quickly create or adjust your Appcues flows to limit those problems

Who can use this feature

💰LogRocket via Appcues is available on Essentials, Growth and Enterprise plans.


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About LogRocket

LogRocket combines session replay, product analytics, and error tracking – empowering software teams to create the ideal product experience.

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