14 User Onboarding Experts to Follow on Twitter


The user onboarding community on Twitter is small but mighty, making it an invaluable resource for discovering great content, connecting with like-minded product people, and keeping up with user onboarding best practices. To help you find whom to follow, I’ve rounded up the top 14 experts.

Samuel Hulick

While you may not be familiar with Hulick’s name, you’re definitely familiar with his work—he’s the genius behind onboarding tear-down site UserOnboard. If you’ve ever clicked through a slideshare analyzing a popular app’s onboarding flow, chances are Hulick made it. 

On his personal Twitter account, Hulick posts a healthy mix of UX insights, links, random thoughts, and humorous asides. You’ll learn—and laugh—a lot.

Pro tip: You can also follow Hulick over at UserOnboard. 

Roman Zadyrako

Roman is the founder of Onboarding.pro, a service that designs custom onboarding experiences for web apps. He’s also the founder and CEO of Tooltip.io, an online tool for creating (you guessed it) tooltips.

Despite his clearly busy schedule, Roman manages to find and tweet some of the best onboarding resources on the web. If you’re looking for a steady stream of articles to save to Pocket, give him a follow.

Joel Marsh

Joel Marsh is the author of the popular book UX for Beginners. However, you don’t need to be a user experience apprentice to benefit from his Twitter wisdom—even masters will glean knowledge from the thought-provoking quotes, articles, and fundamental principles that he publishes. 

Plus, he’s fairly active in Twitter chats and random discussions, so following him will help you find discussions to join.

Justin Mifsud

Back in 2011, Justin Mifsud started Usability Geek. He had one simple goal: show people website usability mattered. Well, not only did Usability Geek become one of the field’s cornerstone blogs, but “usability” has definitely entered into the popular lexicon of developers and designers.

If you’re looking for pure user onboarding advice, keep scrolling. But if you’re looking for awesome content that’ll inform how you approach user onboarding, this account will do the trick.

Jennifer Aldrich

Once you start paying attention, you’ll see Jennifer Aldrich’s name everywhere in the online UX community. Aldrich is InVision’s UX and Content Strategist, and before that, she ran the User Experience Rocks blog. 

You should definitely follow her to keep up with the steady stream of articles she writes (not just for InVision, but for UXMag, Medium, and more). Plus, many of her tweets come with hand-drawn doodles. What more could you ask for?

Devin Manusco

This Google digital product designer has a great sense of humor and an even greater portfolio. Manusco isn’t specifically an onboarding guru; in fact, along with onboarding, his tweets cover everything from virtual reality to motion design.

You’ll be intrigued by every link Manusco shares—and before you know it, you’ll have a whole new understanding of the interactions between user experience, design trends, and emerging technology.

Israel Butson

Butson heads up the onboarding process at Timely. He’s got some interesting opinions on the nature of startups, the SaaS industry, remote work, content marketing, as well as onboarding, of course. 

Unlike most Twitter users, 90% of Butson’s posts are original, one-off thoughts. So to diversify your feed, click that “Follow” button.

Katrin Suess

With more than 10 years of experience in UX design, visual branding, information architecture, and front-end develoment, Katrin Suess definitely knows of what she tweets.

She primarily helps tech startups improve their user experience, which means her Twitter account is half entrepreneurship-themed, half UX-themed. If you’re currently working at or running a startup, you’ll appreciate the mix.

Tim Wright

Tim Wright doesn’t just have a talent for building winning products—he also has a talent for writing about them. You might’ve caught his articles on Sitepoint, Smashing Magazine, or A List Apart. And if you haven’t, follow him to get your eyes on his great content.

Wright doesn’t just post his own work. He also shares posts from tons of other UI, UX, and onboarding experts. Oh, and he also tweets links to the latest episodes of The Dirt, his fantastic UX podcast you’ll want to subscribe to immediately.

Tomer Sharon

For a peek behind the curtain of WeWork, follow its head of UX Tomer Sharon. Sharon regularly shares what he’s learned about shaping UX for the most valuable coworking company in the world—tweeting not just blog post links, but snapshots of the WeWork UX team’s work.

Sharon is also the author of Validating Product Ideas through Lean User Research, a great read for product managers, developers, and anyone who wants to understand their users. Oh, and he’s also a former Googler. (You know someone’s an expert when that’s the last accolade you mention.)

Krystal Higgins

Krystal Higgins, who leads design and user onboarding education for Google’s Android Wear, is an all-around fascinating person. Not only does she have both visual and interaction design skills (plus a super cool job), she’s also the creator of First Time User Experiences. This site is a neat collection of onboarding flows; in the past couple months, Higgins has audited Tinder, Venmo, Peach, and Instagram. Each review is divided into two sections: “the good bits” and “to be improved.”

Higgins mostly tweets miscellaneous ideas and comments, UX-related pictures and sketches, and of course, links to her most recent First Time UX posts.  

Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy might argue with his inclusion in this round-up: his Twitter bio reads, “I'm not an expert, I just think about SaaS Growth and Customer Success way more than you.”

“Expert” or not, Murphy is a fixture of the SaaS world. He founded SaaS consulting firm Sixteen Ventures and frequently blogs there. Murphy is focused on customer success, which means you’ll find nuggets of wisdom you can apply to onboarding in almost every tweet he posts.

Jackson Noel

I may be biased, but I think following Appcues co-founder Jackson Noel is a no-brainer. Noel is always tweeting links to high-quality articles about user onboarding and experience; scroll through his feed and you’ll see what he’s reading about user states, onboarding tools, reducing churn, and other great stuff.

Kate O’Neill

Somehow, O’Neill manages to make every 140-character tweet literary quality. Reading her book-worthy writing alone makes following her worth it, but O’Neill is also a self-described “tech humanist” and the CEO of KOI.

Since you care about user onboarding and UX, you’re probably just as big a proponent of tech humanism (a.k.a. user-centered design) as O’Neill. So her thoughts on, for example, TurboTax’s interface copy will resonate.


If you can picture your own username on this list, let me know! This round-up definitely isn’t fixed in stone. On the contrary, I hope it can serve as a map to the growing group of user onboarding experts on Twitter.

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