76 Tips to Optimize User Onboarding [SlideShare]

Written by: Ty Magnin Ty Magnin 

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This slideshare took well over 120 hours to produce.

It reflects the user onboarding best practices we've gleaned from over 2 years of reading and writing on the topic. In that time, we’ve produced over 150 posts viewed for over a year of our reader’s time.

The 76 tips in this SlideShare presentation are a high-level overview of how you can optimize your user onboarding experience to activate more users and increase recurring revenue.

New user onboarding is mathematically the most impactful metric on bottom line revenue by 74%. It beats out lifting acquisition, retention, referral or ACV. If you want to increase revenue, new user onboarding is the place to start.




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I want to give a big thanks to Anum Hussain, who was extremely helpful in assisting the production of this piece.

Thanks also to Janet Choi at Customer.io, Brittany Fleit at Leanplum, Archana Madhavan at Amplitude, Hannah Alvarez at UserTesting, and Amy Ellis at FullStory. They not only contributed their own sections, but many of the tips offered throughout the SlideShare can be attributed back to them.

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