The Ultimate Growth Toolbox: 60 Growth Hacking Tools for Every Area of Your Product

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Read all the blogs about growth out there and you might glean that growth hacking is an exclusive mindset that some people just get. But like any other area of business, growth hacking is something you can engineer with the right arsenal of tools. 

Selecting the right ones to grow your product can be daunting. That's why it's vital to test tools properly. Select each tool with a hypothesis of how it will create growth in a particular stage of your customer lifecycle. Piece your tool stack together so that for every objective, you're testing a tool and measuring its impact.

How to build your unique growth hacking toolkit

Much like using growth hacking techniques to experiment with growing parts of your business, you should employ growth hacking tools on an experimental basis too.

  • Set a goal. Whether it's to double your email list or find your stickiest features, localize an area for growth and choose your target.
  • Pick a tool (see list below) based on what you're trying to achieve.
  • Try it out in your team. Give it a chance to work and measure the impact it has on your funnel.
  • If the results are good, adopt the tool and explore how you can get more mileage out of it.

Locate your objective and choose tools to experiment with as you growth hack your customer lifecycle. To help, we've put together a list of tools that can help you grow every area of your product. For a short cut, check out this Google Sheet for a full list or jump ahead to the most pertinent sections for your business: 


There are innumerable ways to get new users into your product. Pick and choose from the following tools to inject growth into your email list, to get more readers to the end of your blog posts, to measure the effectiveness of your blog titles— in short, get your product in front of new people and show its worth.

1. Build high-performing landing pages with Leadpages

Use Leadpages to create landing pages that are designed to maximize acquisition. Sort through templates to find one that works for your industry and customize them further to express your unique product. Each page helps drive visitors to a particular type of conversion, whether that's inserting an email, downloading a free guide, or registering for a webinar.

Leadpages templates

Best bit: You can use this tool across your different media. Collect customer contacts from landing pages, pop-up forms, social media, text messaging, and email. So you can wring every aspect of your campaign for all its potential leads. Pricing:

  • Standard. $25/mo, paid annually.
  • Pro. $49/mo, paid annually.
  • Advanced. $199/mo, paid annually.

2. Speed up your website with pingdom

Greater loading time negatively affects acquisition. Potential users are flighty — they haven't yet seen the value of your product, and if they have to wait for even a second, they'll get bored or frustrated or distracted by something else. Pingdom monitors your site speed, shows you where there are blockages and how to resolve them. It also sends alerts when problems arise so you don't have to keep checking that everything's running smoothly.Best bit: Super easy to use. Just input your URL and then let Pingdom keep track of your site's performance. Pricing:

  • Starter. $11.95/mo. 10 checks.
  • Standard. $37/mo. 50 checks.
  • Advanced. $72/mo. 80 checks.
  • Professional. $199/mo. 250 checks and real user monitoring.
  • Enterprise. $454/mo. “Extensive monitoring.”

3. Turn initial interest into acquisition with AdRoll

For your paid acquisition, use AdRoll to track who visits your site through ads. Follow one-time visitors and target subsequent ads to them. Build on the momentum they created by visiting your site, show them something that will help them understand the value your product holds for them, and bring them back. Best bit: Use the SendRoll tool for email. Retarget email addresses based on where visitors clicked in-product (which products they viewed, where they left off), to send targeted emails that will help users continue with their sign up or purchase. You could see email open rates go up by 3x. Pricing:

  • On a sliding scale based on your website traffic. Prices start at $600/mo.

4. Test the convertibility of your pages with Unbounce

Unbounce lets users “quickly build custom landing pages for any campaign.” There are loads of templates to choose from. Try different designs with different CTAs and use Unbounce's analytics to test the conversion rate of each one. Or choose an overlay — a window that appears in front of your page, engaging with users when they perform certain actions to help coax them through conversion.

Wistia growth tool

Best bit: Unbounce's has a new Convertables tool currently in Beta that you can use over any web page. Pricing:

  • Enterprise. $499/mo. 500,000 unique visitors.
  • Pro. $199/mo. 100,000 unique visitors.
  • Pro. $99/mo. 25,000 unique visitors.
  • Starter. $49/mo. 5,000 unique visitors.

5. Grow your email list with List Builder 3

List Builder 3 is SumoMe's mailing list tool. It installs a simple pop-up that helps you get emails from visitors to your site. You can time when the pop-up appears, trigger it based on specific behavior, and customize it with your own branding.Best bit: It's easy to build and easy to test. With List Builder 3 Pro you can drag and drop elements into your pop-up and test how it performs in different areas of your page. Pricing:(For entire SumoMe Pack, including List Builder, Share, Heat Maps)

  • Free. 1 website. Limited monthly website visits.
  • Small. $29/mo. Up to 5K website visits.
  • Medium. $59/mo, paid annually. Up to 50K website visits.
  • Big. $119/mo, paid annually. Up to 500K website visits.
  • Sumo. Contact company for pricing info. Unlimited visits.

6. Host lead-generating contests with Maitre

Gamify user acquisition by installing a Maitre contest on your site. It works by incentivizing visitors to spread the word about you. For example, one contest you could try out is a “Viral Waiting List.” Publish a leader board on your page and invite visitors to share with their friends. The more email addresses they recruit, the higher their name climbs on the leader board. Different kinds of viral contests are available depending on what's important to you. It might not be a tool you use for the rest of your app's life, but it's a great way to get a rapid boost in views and email subscribers to build some momentum.

Maitre growth contest

Best bit: Maitre is a customizable widget that's very easy to install, so you can experiment with it and let it do its thing without investing lots of time.Pricing:

  • Basic. $29/mo. 1 campaign. 50K subscribers.
  • Pro. $49/mo. Unlimited campaigns. 50K subscribers.
  • Managed. $399/mo. Unlimited campaigns. Unlimited subscribers.

7. Take error out of your email with Mailgun

Mailgun is an API-based email service that helps you integrate transactional and bulk email into your app. As you're sending out your onboarding drip campaigns and reengagement emails, Mailgun helps you scale by taking care of everything under the hood, from inbound routing and storage, to spam filtering. You can then use the tool's tracking and analytics to A/B test your email and analyze the data, so you can quickly distinguish your best emails and drive conversions up. Best bit: Mailgun's email validation API, which you can integrate into your web forms, screens out typos and validates every email that comes through your landing-page or lead-gen corners. It's a quick hack for reducing the number of leads you miss out on because of spelling mistakes —and it's completely free!Pricing:

8. Get your best keywords with Ahrefs

With Ahrefs, you can track the backlinks and brand mentions coming to your site, and explore how your competitors are ranking on search. Find opportunities to grow by homing in on how people are searching for products and services like yours. Double down on those keywords to grow your rankings so your best users can find you easily. Best bit: Add a competitive edge to your SEO. Use the positions explorer to check particular URLs and domains for keywords they rank for. Pricing:

  • Lite. $90/mo. 5 campaigns. 300 tracked keywords.
  • Standard. $179/mo. 10 campaigns. 1,000 tracked keywords.
  • Advanced. $399/mo. 25 campaigns. 4,000 tracked keywords.
  • Agency. $999/mo. 100 campaigns. 10,000 tracked keywords.

9. Craft better Facebook ads with AdEspresso

Recently acquired by Hootsuite, AdEspresso is a tool that optimizes your Facebook Ads. FB ads are notoriously intimidating — where do you start when designing your first ad?AdEspresso allows you to create thousands of variations from one template, so you can test designs easily. Experiment with the most effective ads for acquisition and measure the results with AdEspresso's simple dashboard.

Best bit: Tailor how you experiment with AdEspresso. They'll send you daily actionable advice for optimizing your current campaign based on what you're looking to grow, whether it's “likes” or downloads or subscribers.Pricing:

  • Base. $49/mo. Up to $3,000 Facebook Ads spending.
  • Premium. $149/mo. Up to $10,000 Facebook Ads spending.
  • Elite. $299/mo. Up to $50,000 Facebook Ads spending.

10. Make it easy for people to find you with Branch is a “deep linking” tool. A deep link is a link that takes the clicker right into a product or page beyond the homepage. It works by creating a branded link, which is pointed to specific content inside your app, rather than stalling visitors on login pages or landing pages. Deep links help you close the gap between discovery and conversion. Best bit: It gets results. Airbnb used this tool to grow it's mobile app conversion rate by 19%. Pricing:

  • Deep Linked Email. $0.02 per click.
  • Smart Banners: Free-$199/mo, depending on monthly visits
  • Data Integrations. $0.0025 per event forwarded.
  • Deep Linked Feeds. $0.02 per click.

11. Analyze your headlines with CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a digital calendar for your marketing. Align all your social posts, blogs, and ads, and plot them across all your marketing channels, so can deliver a united message about your product to customers. As you do this, analyze each piece of the puzzle. Test which of your headlines are making an impact, for example — pick and choose the headers that actually draw users in to engage with your content. Best bit: CoSchedule has a feature called ReQueue, which automatically redistributes successful content to your social channels. Pricing:

  • Solo. $30/mo.
  • Team. $60/mo.
  • Team Pro. $300/mo.
  • Multi-Calendar. $1600/mo.

12. Design unforgettable posts and emails with Sketchdeck

Sketchdeck is basically a crowd of designers. Provide a brief for your design project — like, “turn this data set into an infographic” — and the crowd of designers works like a robot. They send you a sample, so you can see the project's heading in the right direction, and then once you approve the sample, they go ahead and finish the job. Design emails, content upgrades, illustrated blog posts, to give your inbound marketing a leg-up without hiring.

Airbnb pitch deck

Sketchdeck designed Airbnb's pitch deck, including this graphic showing how easy it is to book through mobile.Best bit: Because Sketchdeck is so quick (get a design back in less than 24 hours), you can experiment with designs and choose the best one quickly. Pricing:

  • Membership varies according to your needs. Contact for more details.
  • Once you're a member, projects cost a certain number of “credits.” Each credit is worth approximately $100. A project like designing an infographic from scratch will cost about 13 credits.

13. See who's sharing with analyzes how people are sharing your posts via a row of social icons on your site. You can choose your social networks, copy and paste the JavaScript tag and then have access to loads of metrics with which to analyze your sharing traffic, including links, networks, and geographical locations. Best bit: also has a link shortener tool. Create shortened links and put them into your social posts to get insights into who's clicking. Pricing: Free

14. Analyze your content with BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a content analysis tool. Plug in any URL and you can analyze the content on that page by a bunch of key indicators, including backlinks, Facebook engagements, and total shares. Spot the patterns by looking at all these indicators together in a dashboard. See what content is most popular and select your next content strategy based on what users are sharing.

BuzzSumo content research

Best bit: Check your competitors' content too. See how your social sharing metrics compare. Build on your existing authority or fill topic gaps where your competitors are stealing all the traffic. Pricing:

  • Pro. $79/mo. Starter plan for bloggers and small teams.
  • Agency. $239/mo. For agency teams, with all Pro features plus the Facebook Analyzer.
  • Enterprise. $559/mo. For brands and publishers. Advanced functionality for large teams.

15. Seize on users' intent to share with Click to Tweet

Put a Click to Tweet box into your posts to give users a quick way to share as they engage with your content. Write your own message in the box, create a custom link, and then share the link within your post or page. When customers click, they're taken directly to Twitter where the pre-written tweet allows them to share the news about you seamlessly. Best bit: You can track link activity over time so you can see what posts are more shareable. Pricing: Free.

16. Get a constant stream of free images with Unsplash

Unsplash started out with a few dozen images in high res available for free courtesy of a few independent photographers. The database has grown over the last few years and now provides a feed with a selection of ten free photos delivered to you every ten days. Search the Unsplash “collections” to find selections based on themes, including collections like “Light and Shadow” and “Photos for Parent Bloggers.” Use these to fill your social and blog posts with great quality imagery.


Best bit: Twitter introduced inline images last year. Uploading large, high resolution images now allows you to stand out in Twitter feeds — Buffer found that tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without images. Pricing: Free.

17. Plot your content strategy with Post Planner

Post Planner has two modes — discover content and post content. You can use the former to filter all the content you're seeing in your social media channels into a stream that only includes topics and sources that are relevant to your user base. Then use the post content feature to plot your posts onto one of Post Planner's template schedules. Best bit: Post Planner automatically recycles popular posts based on its ideal-frequency algorithm, so you don't have to worry about figuring out your reposting strategy. Pricing:

  • Love. $9/mo. 10 profiles, 100 posts a day.
  • Guru. $19/mo. 25 profiles, 250 posts a day.
  • Master. $49/mo. 50 profiles, 500 posts a day.
  • Agency. $99/mo. 100 profiles, 1000 posts a day.
  • Venture. $199/mo. 200 profiles, unlimited posts.
  • Custom. TBD. Unlimited everything.

18. Create a network of influencers with Just Reach Out

“Forget PR firms, find and pitch relevant journalists daily all on your own.” At, you can search influencers by keywords, competitors, and publications. Make pitches and get introduced. You can track your pitches and see when your email was opened, so you don't approach someone twice and you know when to follow up. Get systemized with your word-of-mouth marketing, and grow your inbound leads. Best bit: You can find bloggers and journalists who are free and on the lookout for a good story, so when you pitch, the ice is already broken. Save yourself from wasting time going down dead-ends. Pricing:

  • 50 emails to journalists. $65/mo.
  • 250 emails to journalists. $113/mo.
  • Unlimited emails to journalists. $497/mo.

19. Create stand-out marketing graphics with Snappa

Boost the conversion-power of your marketing materials by giving them a visual pop. With Snappa you can drag and drop images into your posts from their 30,000+ depository and upload your own logos and fonts to keep everything you create brand-aligned.


Best bit: The Pro edition comes with a Buffer integration, so you can create graphics in the same session as you make your posting schedule.Pricing

  • Starter. Free. 5 downloads per month.
  • Pro. $10/mo. Unlimited downloads and templates.

20. Open up your API with

Swagger is an open-source tool for building APIs — it allows you to grow your developer user-base by opening up your API to a community. Use Swagger's tools to design, build, and document your API, and get access to an “ecosystem” of developers and API projects to help you. Get more developer eyes on your API and make it easy for them to integrate with your product.Best bit: The framework tool is supported by a large, active community. Boost developer acquisition further by crowdsourcing the answers to your questions, or attending developer meet-ups and events to share what you're working on. Pricing: Free.

21. Give your API great documentation with ReadMe

ReadMe is a tool for making your API documentation easy to read and use. Acquire more developers by making it as easy as possible for them to get up and running with your product. Add your own brand elements to customize your docs with tried-and-true templates.


Best bit: Use ReadMe's ultimate API documentation checklist to make sure you're not missing anything. Pricing

  • Developer Hub. $59 per month per project.
  • White Label. $199 per month per project.
  • Enterprise. $1000+ per month.


Once you've acquired all your new users, you can't just let them wander around your product aimlessly trying to get value out of it. You have to bridge the gap between exploration and value-perception. Growth hacking tools can help you get to know your customers better and get insights from them as they discover your product, so you can deliver what they need when they need it. 

22. Increase user activation with Appcues

You can build on the momentum of your onboarding flow by treating your engagement funnel with the same gusto. With Appcues, you can onboard and activate new users, and help engaged users discover more features.

Appcues_Chrome extension growth

Best bit: Experimenting is fast and easy with Appcues' code-free interface. While you'll need a developer to install Appcues, you can publish experiments in minutes. Appcues also lets you test which in-app messages work best, so you can keep optimizing your user experience.Pricing:

  • Bootstrap. $99/mo. Up to 1,000 MAUs.
  • Startup. $299/mo. Up to 4,000 MAUs.
  • Growth. $699/mo. Up to 20,000 MAUs.
  • Enterprise. Request a demo for more info. Infinite MAUs.

23. Find your stickiest features with Amplitude

Literally used by Microsoft, Amplitude is a suite of tools that handles data collection and gives you back analysis, organization and cohorting, and visualization for your web and mobile apps. Leverage Amplitude's event-based data during the engagement stage of the funnel and discover which user actions lead to greater engagement with your product.


Best bit: Insights from Amplitude are easy to share with your team. Keep shared dashboards and connect to Slack so you're all on the same page as you make product decisions. Pricing:

  • Starter. Free. Up to 10 million monthly events.
  • Elite. From $2,000/mo. Custom data volume.
  • Enterprise. Contact for a custom package.

24. Get to know your users with Segment

A home for all your customer data, Segment features a catalogue of tools that includes “sources” (the places your data comes from), which are linked to “integrations” (the places you can connect your data to), and “warehouses” (the places where your data is stored and analyzed). Stream your data through the tools you use, and find trends and patterns, so you can direct the most relevant messages to your unique user segments.Best bit: The sheer number of integrations Segment offers means you can probably adapt it to every workflow you've got going. Pricing:

  • Developer. Free
  • Team. Pay-as-you go. $10 per 1000 MTUS.
  • Business. Annual contract, unlimited sources, integrations and warehouses, customizable volume.

25. See where people are clicking with Crazy Egg

“What's making your visitors leave?” is the question Crazy Egg asks when you sign up. It's the vital engagement question and the force behind this heatmap tool. With visual representations of where your users are sticking, clicking, and dropping off, you can optimize every facet of your site for high engagement.

crazy egg heatmap

Best bit: Use the “scrolling map” on your pages to see how far down users read on your blog, for example, and to make sure you're maximizing that above-the-fold zone. Pricing:

  • Free trial.
  • Basic. $9/mo. 10,000 visits. 10 active pages.
  • Standard. $19/mo. 25,000 visits. 20 active pages.
  • Plus. $49/mo. 100,000 visits. 50 active pages.
  • Pro. $99/mo. 250,000 visits. 100 active pages.

26. Add customer context to your conversations with Nimble

Nimble is a social sales and marketing CRM system that helps you “grow your business without the work.” Nimble connects your customer communication with “relationship intelligence,” which means it gathers data from places like social networks to provide a larger context for your conversations. You can filter your contacts into segments and reach out only to the most relevant and viable leads. Best bit: Nimble recently launched an add-in for Outlook, so users can enrich their existing contacts. Pricing:

  • $25 per license per month.

27. Put your product in your user's pocket with Sonar

Ever thought of texting your customers? You know they're on their phones most of the day. SMS is an underused business tool that can actually be the most efficient way to connect with customers along the customer lifecycle. Set up Sonar on your website or app so visitors can text you with a click to share a problem, ask a question, or take action towards their next purchase.


Best bit: How easy it is. With Sonar's ping widget, you can install a "text me" button on your site in less than 10 seconds. Pricing:

  • Lite. $15.33 per agent per month.
  • Growth. $24.67 per agent per month.
  • Accelerate. $46.75 per agent per month.
  • Enterprise. Contact sales.

28. See what your customers are doing with Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a product analytics tool with growth in mind. Peer into the stages of your user's lifecycle to see why they convert and when and why they leave. Understand the factors that lead to engagement and, ultimately, drive growth by doing more of what's working.

kissmetrics growth tab

Best bit: Join the Kissmetrics community and you'll have access to a steady stream of expert content and inspiring discussions. Pricing:

  • Self-Service. Starting at $500/mo.
  • Growth. Starting at $850/mo.
  • Power. Starting at Custom Pricing.

29. Make your email list more human with Clearbit

Clearbit connects emails and domains to personal and company data, so you can build a picture of your audience. Create segments of customers using factors like social profiles, number of employees, or tech used. With Clearbit's integrations, you can add insight to the data you get from other tools. Illuminate your Google Analytics traffic, for example, to see who the people who land on your site are and what they're doing in your product. Best bit: Clearbit has great free tools too, like an API for autocompleting contact namesand a Gmail extension for adding profile information to email contacts. Pricing:

  • Depends on the integration. Connecting Clearbit with Google Analytics costs $199 per month. Integrating with Marketo costs $499 per month.

30. A/B test your mobile app with Apptimize

Apptimize is a mobile-first platform for developing native applications. It offers real-time UX changes, AB testing, targeting, feature flags, and analytics, so you turn your app into a growth lab by tweaking the user experience without having to head back to the App Store or Google Play to update.

apptimize a/b test growth

Best bit: Apptimize's “Visual Apptimizer” is WYSIWIG editor that allows you to set up A/B tests without writing a line of code! You can test everything you can see in your mobile app by dragging and dropping.Pricing:

  • Always free for <10K MAU.
  • Growth. Free 30-day trial, then select another plan.
  • Enterprise. Custom plans, get a demo for more info.

31. Multiply your product's uses with Zapier

Zapier connects actions from one tool to another. Maybe you need to trigger an email to customers in Gmail every time you make a new record in Trello. Or you want to be pinged in Slack whenever you get a new survey response in SurveyMonkey. As a developer, you can integrate your own tool in Zapier, so that you can offer customers better workflows and connect to new audiences — expand your tool's reach while making it more useful for existing users. Best bit: Explore Zapier's integration ideas list to get inspired about new connections you could make. Pricing:

  • Free forever. For personal tasks. Two-step zaps.
  • For work. Starting at $20/mo. Three-step zaps.
  • For teams. Starting at $125/mo. Share and edit zaps together.

32. Add data to customer interactions with Vero

Vero is an email tool that's driven by data. It enables you to capture customer data in your product and model it to generate segments and insights to drive your growth experiments. Email on Vero is event-driven, so it's triggered by customer interactions.Best bit: A clear set of API and Help docs so both technical and non-technical team members can navigate and own the tool. Pricing:

  • Starter. $99/mo. 12,500 customers. 25,000 emails.
  • Growth. $299/mo. 100,000 customers. 250,000 emails.
  • Pro. $549/mo. 175,000 customers. 400,000 emails.
  • Scale. $749/mo. 300,000 customers. 700,000 emails.
  • Enterprise. $1,049/mo. 500,000 customers. 1,000,000 emails.

33. Make surveys more fun with Typeform

Typeform is a tool for creating polls, surveys, forms, and other interactive documents for your users. You can either use a template or start from scratch and design your own. Design surveys with an easy drag-and-drop tool, and then place them before your customers to gather data without requiring them to leave your product.

Best bit: Typeform uses the word “beautiful” a lot on its website but it's a good point — these forms are designed to be visually appealing, simple, colorful, and in line with your brand. What's more all forms are created with devices in mind so they're never warped or lost in translation. This makes a big difference for the customer wanting to get in and out without hassle. Pricing:

  • Basic. Free
  • Pro. $29/mo. 1 user.
  • Pro+. Starting at $59/mo. 1 user, but you can “add more seats” if you need to.

34. Educate your growth hacking with Google Analytics

If you're not using Google Analytics, your growth will be a mystery to you. Set up Analytics for your website and it's like attaching a heart monitor — you'll suddenly be aware of the health of your domains and the flow of your user interactions. Because it's such a comprehensive tool, you can delve into Analytics for specific insights, like comparing particular pages over time or track how organic search is growing as you perform experiments on your content. Best bit: Google's developers have made it easy for other tools to integrate with Analytics, so there are tons of useful integrations out there for you to add more context to your toolkit. Pricing: Free.

35. Make pages that move people with Wistia

Wistia provides video hosting for business. It helps you improve your website by embedding great videos that in turn help users adopt your product. You can access your videos' analytics to see how many visitors are viewing each video, insert a lead generation form into your video to capture leads, and craft videos to make your pages stickier for users.


Best bit: Wistia has tons of use cases to inspire you. For example, you can use Wistia's heatmaps to see for how long visitors watch videos on your site. Do they leave after 10 seconds? Do they re-watch particular segments? Pricing:

  • Free. Try out all features on 3 videos.
  • Pro. $100/mo. All features, add as many videos as you need.
  • Premium. Starts at $300/mo. Advanced features and specific business needs.

36. Trigger meaningful lifecycle emails with allows you to “take action from customer behavior.” Send messages triggered by what customers are doing in-product, so you're always saying the right thing at the right time with a personalized approach. Best bit: You can trigger lifecycle emails based on core actions that your user completes. Congratulate them for getting through onboarding, for example, so they're more motivated to go on using the product.Pricing:

  • Growth. $100/mo. 15,000 profiles. 30,000 free messages.
  • Small Business. $250/mo. 50,000 profiles. 100,000 free messages.
  • Startup. $750/mo. 250,000 profiles. 500,000 free messages.
  • Enterprises. $1,250/mo. 500,000 profiles. 1,000,000 free messages.

37. Build testing into your workflow safely with Optimizely

Nicknamed “The Experimentation Platform,” Optimizely helps you run A/B tests on your website, app, or whatever interface connects you with users. Use the visual editor to drag and drop elements into your page and experiment with anything you see — CTAs, pricing, tips. Decide what percentage of users will see the test version and choose your own success metric to track. Best bit: Because Optimizely stores all your past experiments, your team can easily look back and learn from what you've done. Pricing:

  • Standard: $49 (pay as you go) per 1000 monthly unique visitors
  • Call for Professional and Premium plan information.

38. Understand your user's digital footprint with Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a data analytics platform that helps you to “follow the digital footprint of every user across mobile and web.” Follow how users navigate your product and analyze their behavior so you can optimize when and how you're interacting with them. Locate your stickiest features so you can double down on the strategies that work. Best bit: Mixpanel has an A/B testing tool as a part of it's platform. You can analyze user behavior and experiment accordingly—all in one place.Pricing:

  • Free. Sample Mixpanel's core analytics and see if it's right for your business.
  • Startup. $99/mo. Starting at 1M Data Points per month.
  • Business. $999/year. Starting at 10M Data Points per month.
  • Enterprise. Contact for more information about custom plans.

39. Delve into users' browsing sessions with FullStory

Data is illuminating, but sometimes you need to step into the shoes of your user and walk around. FullStory gives you recordings of your users' sessions in your product. See how they navigate the site, where they hover and click, and what turns them off and ends their session. Best bit: Use FullStory's “co-browse” feature to walk users through the product as you answer their questions. Get a new level of customer service.Pricing:

  • Free. 1,000 monthly sessions. 3 user seats.
  • Professional. 25,000 monthly sessions. 20 user seats.
  • Enterprise. 1,000,000+ monthly sessions. 50+ user seats.

40. Get live video feedback from users with UserTesting

Go the extra mile in understanding how your users feel when they're using your product. UserTesting finds a user panel and tests your UX on them, filming and recording audio so you can discover exactly where real people lose interest, where they get confused, and what makes them say “ooh!” Best bit: Feedback comes back to you super quick (often in under an hour) so if you're experimenting with a new page layout or feature update, you can test your changes on real users and evolve with their feedback without wasting time. Pricing:

  • Intro offer. $49 per video for your first 10 videos.
  • Basic. $99 per video.
  • Pro Plans. Contact for more info.

Retention and Referral

Your users have the potential to growth hack your business for you. If you stay on top of what they need and want, keep them updated, and keep building on the relationship you've initiated with them, users will become loyal fans of your product. They'll establish a routine of using it, and more than that, they'll tell their friends about your product and multiply that lifetime value by n.

41. Get realtime feedback with Qualaroo

Qualaroo's survey tool allows you to design simple survey boxes to collect feedback as users navigate your product. Because the surveys appear right beside features, you can get results in real time, and directly serve your users' pain points and questions. The surveys are easier for the customer to fill out than a separate, emailed survey, which means you'll get more feedback to work with and a better idea of what your next product iteration should be to improve retention.

Best bit: Qualaroo's tool is very quick to set up. You can just copy and paste their Javascript into your own code.Pricing:

  • Startup. $199/mo.
  • Growth. $499/mo.
  • Turbo Growth. $2250/mo.
  • Enterprise. Schedule a demo.

42. Get subscription metrics on tap with Baremetrics

Baremetrics is a tool for all your subscription metrics. Analyze the health of your subscription business by looking at MRR, user churn, failed charges, refunds, Customer Growth Rate, and more, to build a complete picture of how users are subscribing. Pinpoint areas to improve and drive growth.

Baremetrics projected growth

Best bit: The forecaster tool. Don't just view the current health of your business, get Baremetrics' predictions for your metrics in the next year.Pricing:

  • Startup. $50/mo. $10,000 MRR or less.
  • Professional. $100/mo. $50,000 MRR or less.
  • Business. $250/mo. $200,000 MRR or less.
  • Enterprise. $500/mo. $500,000 MRR or less.

43. Grow satisfaction with quick surveys from Hotjar

Hotjar is an all-in-one customer feedback tool. It comes with heatmaps and customer session recordings so you can see how users travel around your pages and where they stick. It also provides in-line surveys and polls that are easy for users to fill out — just click to answer and the survey box disappears.

Best bit: Cut out confusing or poorly-worded survey questions by seeing where users stumble and which questions take the longest time to respond to. Make iterations quickly and keep growing your response rate. Pricing:

  • 20,000 pageviews/day. $89/mo.
  • 50,000 pageviews/day. $189/mo.
  • 120,000 pageviews/day. $289/mo.
  • 400,000 pageviews/day. $589/mo.
  • 800,000 pageviews/day. $989/mo.
  • 2,000,000+ pageviews/day. Contact for more info.

44. Get visitors back with Optimonk

OptiMonk allows you to carry out onsite retargeting. When a visitor arrives in your product, OptiMonk starts tracking them and detects when they leave. You can then display a targeted message to that visitor with a special offer or a request to help, based on when and where they exited. Show users you're listening and bring back abandoning visitors. Best bit: OptiMonk gets a high response rate, so whether you offer a free e-book in exchange for an email or ask a survey question in the hopes of getting to know your user better, use this extra visibility to show users your best value. Pricing:

  • Bronze. $29/mo. 5,000 visitors per month. Max. 1 domain.
  • Silver. $59/mo. 15,000 visitors per month. Max. 2 domains.
  • Gold. $99/mo. 50,000 visitors per month. Max. 4 domains.
  • Platinum. $199/mo. 250,000 visitors per month. Max. 10 domains.
  • Agency. $399/mo. 1,000,000 visitors per month. Unlimited domains. Unbranded.

45. Make data-driven decisions with Chart Mogul

Chart Mogul calculates all your subscription metrics automatically from your product and feeds them back to you in a dashboard, so you can track key metrics and make decisions without having to do thousands of calculations in Excel. Best bit: Chart Mogul integrates with the other tools you're using so you can connect subscription metrics to customer support, payment systems, CRM and so on.Pricing:

  • Essential. $99/mo. 500 customers.
  • Mogul. $259/mo. 2,000 customers.
  • Enterprise. Custom. Contact for more information. <20,000 customers.

46. Create your own referral program with Extole

A platform for your advocacy marketing, Extole allows you to “find your best customers” by using first-party and social network data about the people who are referring your product. Track referrals to keep a dashboard of your program and share progress with your team.

Best bit: Extole has some nifty APIs for mobile apps so users can access your referral program seamlessly across devices.Pricing:

  • All custom, based on your company's needs.

47. Scale your email with a human touch from Emma

Create email campaigns based on customer behavior. Send follow-ups after users engage with particular features in your app or interact with a survey. Emma integrates with Salesforce, Eventbrite, Zapier, and Google analytics, so your email can reflect the whole picture of an individual customer, not just how they interact with one feature. Best bit: Design better emails by using the MyEmma design assistant. Get heatmaps of your emails to move info and CTAs around for the most engagement-inducing design.Pricing:

  • Pro. Starting at $89/mo. 10,000 contacts.
  • Plus. Starting at $369/mo. 25,000 contacts.
  • Premium. Starting at $779/mo. 75,000 contacts.

48. Remove payment pain with Stripe

There's a reason that many of the tools on this list use Stripe for their in-product payments. Stripe allows you to design a payment flow that makes sense for your product and is easy for developers to implement. It's especially intuitive for installing recurring revenue billing for SaaS customers — define plans for different kinds of customers and then simply create customers and subscribe them via Stripe's API. Best bit: If you do commerce on mobile, use Stripe's Relay tool to enable customers to pay through other people's mobile apps.Pricing:

  • Pay as you Go. 2.9% + 30 cents
  • Enterprise. Contact sales.

49. Cut out failed payments with Churn Buster

In every business, a certain amount of revenue is lost due to error. Churn Buster recovers this lost revenue by mitigating errors and making payments easier for customers. Help customers update their card details, alert them when a problem occurs, and prompt subscription reactivation messages — in short, build trust and loyalty. Best bit: While Churn Buster handles your payment troubles, it also keeps track of payment metrics, like sources of revenue recovery, number of failed payments, and retention metrics. Pricing:

  • Startup. Starts at $79/mo.
  • Business. Starts at $599/mo.
  • Enterprise. Book a demo.

50. Manage your social media with Buffer

“Schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place.” On the Buffer platform, you can unite your strategies across social accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Save time by making a post schedule and setting posts to publish automatically. Best bit: Buffer has a tool called Pablo that helps you make your social posts more visually appealing. Find images and add them in the same place that you're planning and scheduling posts. Pricing:

  • Individuals
  • Individual. Free. 1 account per platform. 10 scheduled posts
  • Awesome. $10. 10 accounts. 100 scheduled posts
  • Teams and Agencies
  • Small. $99. 25 Accounts. 5 team members. 2000 scheduled posts.
  • Medium. $199. 50 Accounts. 10 team members. 2000 scheduled posts
  • Large. $399. 150 Accounts. 25 team members. 2000 scheduled posts

51. Give your team a growth mindset with Growth Report

Connect Growth Report to your analytics tool, and it will send you digestible graphs and updates on the key indicators you're measuring. How many people signed up today? What percentage of new users formed usage habits this month? The reports are chart-based so they give a quick hit of insight as you work.

growth report

Best bit: Integrate with Slack to get growth graphs as you connect with your team, so you can have conversations about growth in context.Pricing: Free, just the price of your existing analytics tool.

52. Team-source better emails with Help Scout

Help Scout is an inbox for your team and the nerve center of how you build relationships with customers. Use Help Scout's “notes” feature to write messages about your emails to team members, safe from the recipient's eyes. Use the “saved replies” feature to quicken how you deliver regular messages, without losing the personal touch. Best bit: Only deal with the emails that relate to you. Assign an email to the right recipient and then it's out of your view. Assign an email to yourself, and it's in your queue to deal with next. Pricing:

  • Free. $0 forever. 1 mailbox, unlimited users.
  • Standard. $20/user/mo. 5 mailboxes, unlimited users.
  • Plus. $40/user/mo. Unlimited mailboxes and users.

53. Grow your Twitter community with Jooicer

You don't want just any Twitter followers, you want your Twitter followers, those users who'll visit your website and engage in your content. Jooicer allows you to target followers based on “modules” that you create. Because the followers you get with Jooicer are already part of your target audience, your lead generation has a much higher quality than if you just grow your Twitter following at random.Best bit: It's not a faceless tool. If you want help deciding on your strategy, you can reach out to the team via chat. Pricing:

  • Starter. $9/mo. Up to 150 daily follows.
  • Intelligence. $39/mo. Custom daily follows and favorites.
  • Agency. Custom pricing. Fully Custom daily actions.

54. Track your word of mouth with Mention

To grow the virality of your product you need to know who is talking about you, what they're saying and when. Log your company name into Mention and keep track of when you're mentioned online. They'll send you a daily alert with all your most significant mentions. Best bit: Mention grades your mentions on a scale of 1-100, so you can capitalize on your most influential fans.Pricing:

  • Solo. $29/mo. 1 user. 2 basic alerts. 3,000 mentions.
  • Starter. $99/mo. 3 users. 5 basic alerts. 5,000 mentions.
  • Custom. Custom mentions and alerts, and unlimited users. Schedule a demo.

55. Understand your network with Majestic

Majestic is a “link intelligence map.” It basically allows you to explore how different pages of the internet are connected. Other than just geeking out over patterns in the web, Majestic is a great tool for comparing your URLs against those of your competitors. Place URLs side by side and get a picture of how your backlinks and referring domains compare.


Best bit: Majestic has many specific add-on tools, like their Keyword Checker, where you can add keywords and see how competitive they are. Pricing:

  • Silver. $78.99/mo. 1 user. 5 million downloadable links.
  • Gold. $169.99/mo. 5 users. 25 million downloadable links.
  • Platinum. $399.99/mo. 15 users. 100 million downloadable links.

56. Learn from users in-app with Olark

Olark is a chat tool that allows you to chat with customers right on your website and “answer their questions before they leave.” By giving customers an easy way to reach out as they're playing or working in your product, you get to help them in real time, decreasing the chance that they get bored or frustrated and leave.Best bit: Integrate Olark with other communication tools you use, like Help Scout, Groove and Salesforce, or build your own integration with Olark's webhooks or Javascript API. Pricing:

  • Free Forever. 1 operator. 20 chats per month.
  • Premium Features. $17/mo. Chat reports, CRM Integrations, Targeted Chat, Operator Groups.

57. Check customer happiness with Totango

Totango monitors your customer health and nudges you to take action when a key happiness metric needs a boost. Define what success means for your relationship with customers. Then tailor the Totango platform to predict warning signs of low engagement and possible churn. Best bit: This tool increases retention but it also works proactively at the onboarding and engagement stages of the lifecycle.Pricing:

  • Contact for customized plans.

58. Keep your SEO competitive with SEO quake

With SEO Quake, you can check your webpages according to your priority SEO parameters, like internal and external links, and domain and URL authority. Because SEO Quake lives in your browser, you can conduct on-page SEO analysis as you work. Best bit: Just install the Google Chrome, or other extension, and you'll start getting SEO insights immediately.Pricing: Free

59. Get a heatmap for every occasion with Clicktale

Clicktale is a webpage analytics tools that gives you a bunch of different types of heatmaps that tell the story of how your users move around your product. Clicking heatmaps show where users are actually engaging with features. Mouse movement heatmaps show where users are moving but not clicking. You can even get a visual representation of how your links are performing.

clicktale analytics

Best bit: A real-time monitor allows you to see the individual traffic that comprises your data. So as you see visitor numbers rise, you also see a profile of your latest visitors, where they come from, and how long they're hanging out in your product. Pricing:

60. Fuel sharing right in your product with CloudSponge

CloudSponge lets users access their address books without having to leave your product. Growth teams at Airbnb, Kiva, and Yelp use this tool to encourage referrals and create "find-a-friend" viral loop mechanisms. 

Best bit: CloudSponge works just as easily with international email providers as it does with popular U.S. email providers. CloudSponge makes sharing a breeze for fast-growing global products.


  • $50/month for 100 address books and 2 contact sources
  • $100/month for 1,000 address books and 5 contact sources
  • $500/month for 10,000 address books, 10 contact sources, and more customizable features
  • $2,500/month for 10,000 address books, all contact sources, and more security features

No tool is an island

The real benefit of this huge array of growth hacking tools is that you can connect them together and make a machine that's stronger than the sum of its parts. Use the integrations and add-ons that each tool provides, or build your own. Link tools with other tools to bridge gaps in your product, speed up the flow from one area to another, or feed processes with data. Play Lego with your growth hacking tools and create opportunities for growth where there were none before.

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