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Product Management

The Evolving Responsibilities of Product Management

Your company is evolving. PM responsibilites of should be, too.
Product Management

How to Make Meetings Work for Your Product

Meetings left unchecked can be insidious. Learn how to design them to work for your team.
Product Management

Don't Fail Fast, Fail Thoughtfully: How to Approach Product Design Failures

For a business to be rapidly unsuccessful is illogical, yet this fail-fast philosophy is prevalent in the SaaS world today. But why?
UX Design

6 Best-in-Class Examples of User Onboarding Checklists

Using a new product can be intimidating and frustrating, but a great checklist can help new users get them to their “Aha!” moment faster.

3 Essential Ways to Measure Engagement Rate

“Jumping the shark” is the worst nightmare of every product person. Here's what it is and how to avoid it.
Product Management

A Guide to Proven Customer Retention Strategies

1,200 hours of research and writing has culminated in this expert guide to customer retention best practices. Let's dive in!
Product Management

What Product Managers Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

AI has taken over the workforce. To stay competitive, it's important for product managers to understand this changing landscape.
Product Management

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Users to Their Aha Moment

You know your product's value, but do your users? Learn how to get them to their Aha moment—faster than ever before.
UX Design

Everything You Need to Know About Onboarding UX

It doesn't matter how slick your app looks—the design of your onboarding experience is useless if it doesn't capture users' attention...
Product Management

10 Skills Every Product Manager Needs

Learn these 10 essential skills you'll need to ace to be a standout product manager.
Product Management

3 Ways Product Managers Should Let Users Lead Development

Throughout development, you'll either need inspiration, clarity, or validation from your users. Here's how to get them all.
Product Management

Setting Product Roadmap Priorities: What You Need to Know

Feedback on your roadmap comes from SO MANY sources. So how do you hone in on features that are in line with your product's vision?
Product Management

Build Fast: Why Speed Matters When You're Building Product

You'll never have "enough" time before launching new features and updates. So, how can you build (polished) products fast?
Product Management

Don’t Onboard Users Like They’re Customers

I've seen thousands of people make the same user onboarding mistake—they onboard users like they're customers. Here's the difference...
Product Management

How to Measure Customer Retention Rate

The formula might be more involved than you think. Get our 3 pro tips on how to fully grasp the metrics around customer retention.
Product Management

What Does It Mean to Be a Great Product Manager?

Discover the key traits and skills that separate a good product manager from a great product manager.
Product Management

The Ultimate Product Manager Tool Stack

We put together this mega list of the most important and useful PM tools out there. Happy hunting!
Product Management

5 Winning Tactics for Your Next Product Launch

After building your first product, don't forget to also build a plan for its release. Here are 5 tactics for your next product launch.
Product Management

How to Use Cohort Analysis to Reduce Churn and Make Better Product Decisions

You know churn is bad. But if you're not using cohort analysis correctly, you might have a hard time reducing your churn rates.
Customer Experience

How Google Improves UX with the HEART Framework

Have you heard of the HEART framework? Here's how to use it to improve your UX.
Product Management

3 Ways Traditional Software Teams Can Become More Product-Led

Let's discuss how focusing on pricing, messaging, and internal workflows can help traditional software companies become more product-led.
Customer Experience

What Product Managers Forget About User Feedback

Here's how to incorporate qualitative and quantitative user feedback to actually improve your product.
UX Design

4 Examples of Bad User Onboarding That Will Ruin Your UX

Chances are that your onboarding process is a problem. Here are four elements that make for a bad onboarding experience and how to fix them.

The 4 Customer Retention Metrics You Need to Measure Now

Churn is a fire alarm. It's a great indicator that something's gone wrong, but it doesn't help you put out the fire.
UX Design

Drunk User Testing San Francisco—by the Numbers

We brought our favorite event—Drunk User Testing—to San Francisco. Check out what happened.
Product Management

The Anatomy of an Effective Product Release Email

Product release emails are the main source of ignition to excite your users to adopt your new feature. Learn how to pack an emotional punch.
Product Management

5 Ways PMs Can Improve Product Adoption Today

These proven strategies will help all of your users—from new sign-ups to old hands—use your product more effectively.

The 21 Best Growth Hacking Blogs to Follow Right Now

Need a little growth inspiration? Check out our (refreshed!) list of the best growth hacking blogs you should be reading religiously.
Customer Experience

Adapting Customer Onboarding for an On-Demand World

You can no longer rely solely on webinars and help centers for customer onboarding. So, how can you educate your users at the right time?
Customer Experience

Getting Users Psych'd: User Psychology for Better Onboarding

Even though you've A/B tested the copy and design of your welcome screen, even though you've determined which 3 core features predict...
Customer Experience

How CloudApp Personalizes Onboarding Emails

When Scott Smith, CloudApp’s VP of Sales and all-around good guy, first turned his focus to his user onboarding emails, he had no real di...
Customer Experience

Building Customer Centricity Across Teams

If there's one thing Amazon employees dread, it's getting an email from CEO Jeff Bezos containing a single question mark — “?”

How to Accelerate Sales with User Onboarding

For many product people, “sales” can be a bad word. In their minds, if you focus your attention building a product that solves a serious...

The Definitive Guide to Improving Activation

What began as a meager startup in 1998 has now become one of the world's most ubiquitous online payment systems: PayPal. Worth over...

How Canva's Growth Team Improves Activation +10%

Canva's growth team has created a process from which they improve their activation rate by 10% regularly, resulting in tens of thousands...

Casey Winters Reveals How Pinterest Perfected User Onboarding

Have you ever been in a bad relationship? It seems like we all have. Where a partner didn’t return the love we were giving. Or perhaps...
UX Design

How Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Use Tooltips for Feature Discovery

Last winter, Facebook made a change that I’ll bet you remember. They updated their ‘Like’ button to include ‘love’ and ‘wow’ and other...

How CMAP Improves Feature Adoption with Appcues

‍CMAP is a SaaS company that provides enterprise project management software to professional service firms.

Personalizing User Onboarding is the Best Growth Hack in the Game

The first impression you make with new users can determine the trajectory of the overall customer journey.
Product Management

How Amplitude Bypassed Engineering Bottlenecks by Using Appcues to Educate Users

In a typical day, Alicia Shiu, product marketing manager at Amplitude, might work on user onboarding, write a blog post, and conduct user...

30 Ways to Experiment with Acquisition, Product, and Virality to Get More Growth

Add vinegar to baking soda, and you'll get a volcano. The science is simple: an acid reacts with a base. But the effect is big and gets...
Product Management

User Onboarding is a Team Sport: Who Should Work on What

Onboarding is the most important stage of a user's experience with your service. It's when they learn to love your product or they drop out.
UX Design

The 5 Best Walkthrough Examples for Web Apps

I just got a puppy. He’s mini labradoodle named Theo...

How Bynder Increased the Speed of Sales with a Self-Service Product Demo

“People nowadays don’t want to get phone calls from sales...they want to check out products themselves.” — Ariel Long, Growth Hacker...
Product Management

How Indiegogo Uses Appcues to Communicate Product Updates Contextually

As much as we wish it were true, new features don't get adopted by users without a little help.

76 Tips to Optimize User Onboarding [SlideShare]

This slideshare took well over 120 hours to produce...

Why Activation is the Most Important Pirate Metric

If you work at a growing SaaS company, you probably think you have a pretty good understanding of the startup “pirate” metrics.
Customer Experience

5 Fatal User Engagement Metric Mistakes

User engagement metrics are the key to developing a habit-forming product. But if you're looking at the wrong metrics, or misinterpreting...
Customer Experience

60 User Engagement Tools for Better Customer Experiences (and How to Choose the Right Ones)

Since engagement is crucial to any product's growth, it's not surprising that there are so many great user engagement tools available on...

The No-Bullshit Guide To User Retention

The effectiveness of “growth hacking” is dwindling.
UX Design

Best Practices for an Effective Product Welcome Page

We know that first time user experiences are the most important part of the user journey by 2.6x. So welcoming users in a hyper-effective...

Product Insights to Product Experiments: The Two-Step Process to a Better Customer Experience (ft. FullStory and Appcues)

The following video and blog post comes from a webinar that took place on August 30th.

Increase Customer Retention in 10 Easy Steps

Have you ever tried to build a sandcastle with dry sand?

Customer Retention: 50 Tools to Build the Perfect Customer Experience

Everyone knows how crucially important retention is, which is why there's a million companies out there promising you that their tool...
UX Design

We Implemented This One In-App Message and Increased Sales Demos by 50%

Free trial users who participate in sales demos tend to buy Appcues more often than those who do not. We’ve measured this over time...

Minimum Viable Customer Retention

Your ability to retain customers is often a reflection of your entire business. From the features your product offers to the way your...
Product Management

The 20 Best Product Launch Emails That Reengage Users

Too many great products have flopped because of a lousy release. After all the work their teams poured into the product, product managers...

The Way These SaaS Companies Chose Their Customer Retention Tools Might Surprise You

There are thousands of tools in the marketplace to help you conquer retention. Choosing the right ones can seem as daunting as solving...

Your Retention Problem Starts With These 7 User Onboarding Mistakes

We’re all pretty lazy when it comes to apps. When deciding whether to download, learn the ropes, and make a habit of using a product...

It's Not Over 'Til It's Over: 5 Ways to Get Your Users Back

Customer retention is the unconquerable beast of SaaS. Although you can never retain every single customer,,,

Why PMs Have Been Measuring Customer Churn All Wrong

In a recent “Startup Chat” podcast, Steli Efti mentioned an encounter with another young SaaS CEO. Her company was doing well, hitting...

How ProdPad Used Code-Free User Onboarding to Decrease Their Trial-to-Paid Period by 80%

More and more often, SaaS companies attribute their growth to a customer-centric process that values customer insights...

7 Great Ways to Celebrate Users Progress (And Drive Them Deeper Into Your Product)

When people think customer retention, they think about the first few days after a signup. It's all about pointing users to value while...

Your User Onboarding Flow Is Too Shortsighted

User onboarding flows are all about getting users to that first aha moment. But far too many don’t think past that.

6 Growth Experiments Sujan Patel Ran to Improve User Onboarding

Sujan Patel is a Growth Marketer and the Founder and CEO of ContentMarketer.io. He has active columns on Forbes, WSJ, Entrepreneur and Inc.
UX Design

User Onboarding Best Practices

It’s time to take user onboarding seriously. Most apps have some semblance of onboarding since they don’t want to throw new users into...

AdRoll's Growth Team's Secret Weapon to Drive Conversions

In a tech company’s ‘Scale’ stage—which according to Sean Ellis comes long after product-market fit and on the coattails of organic growth..

A 360 Degree View of User Retention (ft. Appcues, Amplitude and Customer.io)

Today we're going to look at user retention strategies across product, analytics and email—three tools that you can use together to keep...

How to Bring Inactive Users Back from the Dead

Chances are, you’ve got a whole graveyard full of dead users. Dead, or inactive users, churn for a lot of reasons. Maybe they didn’t...

3 Customer Engagement Strategies That Make Users Feel Like One in a Million

For high-value customers, some companies roll out the red carpet. They fly across the country to meet new employees. They send...

8 Ways We're Dogfooding Our Product at Appcues

3 Addictive User Engagement Tactics from Saturday Morning Cartoons

There’s something magical about Saturday morning cartoons. As a kid, you sat in front of the television at the same time every week...

8 Mission-Critical User Onboarding Lessons from 8 Top Product People

One of the best ways to design your user onboarding flow is to look at what successful companies are doing. The problem with this...

The 5 Minute Guide to Contemporary Customer Engagement

The Definition of Customer Engagement...
Product Management

The 6 Variable Framework for Planning Product Launch Content

Master this powerful 6 variable framework to be come a product marketing guru.

42 Essential User Onboarding Tools to Drive Your App's Growth

First impressions are everything, and it’s especially true when it comes to user onboarding.

26 Ideas for Squeezing the Absolute Most Out of Your App's Product Launch

When it’s time to launch a new feature, you know that you have to do 3 things.

People Don't Care Enough About Product Launches

Product launches are overlooked in software companies. It baffles me.
Product Management

9 Things To Consider Before Writing Your Next Product Release Post

When at the helm of communications for an innovative product, marketers have an enormous opportunity to move the needle for their team.

7 Lessons from How HubSpot Executes a Massive Product Launch

HubSpot’s product and product marketing team spends a large part of their year on a massive product launch that goes live every September.
Product Management

3 Types of New Feature Posts & When to Use Which

Product release posts are often snoozeworthy. Even to engaged customers, they can feel like reading an instruction manual rather than...
Product Management

How to Nail In-App Messaging for Feature Releases

So you’re about to release that big new feature.

How User Onboarding Powers Typeform's Organic Growth

Typeform is one of the hottest startups in Europe right now. And they’ve achieved such growth with no paid acquisition or sales team.

The Characteristics of a Transparent Culture – Things I've Learned Since Joining Appcues

From open salaries and equity to visibility into each others’ workflows, Appcues is as transparent a company as they come.

The Messy Politics of Coordinating Product Launches

Product launches are powerful. They can modify the way business is run even if only by a bit. And because of this power, they are often...

Drive User Engagement Through the Familiarity Principle

How do you get a second-grader to like you?

Sean Ellis' Secret Framework for Unlocking Organic Growth

To 99% of founders, you’ve got it made after you achieve product-market fit. Then, all you need to do is pour cash into acquisition...

Applying User Onboarding Strategies to Our Blog Reduced Subscriber Churn 50%

When I took over the Appcues blog and started producing content, there were some hiccups.

Diagnosing Your User Engagement Problem

Most SaaS companies with freemium business models or free trials have poor post-signup user engagement.

The 15 Minute Guide to Growth Marketing

The conversation around growth marketing is at an all time high. Startups are hiring growth teams and implementing growth strategies...

How 16 SaaS Experts Drive Growth by Taking Extra Care of Their Customers

Rapid growth SaaS companies seem to share an outlook on customer support. They rally around the idea that giving excellent support...

From Trial to Paid – How We Accelerated Sales by 68% with Our Very Own Paywall

When we first launched Appcues, all we really cared about was getting feedback from the people who had signed up for our product.

15 Hacks to Make You More Productive with Google Apps

Most of us spend a lot of time using Google Apps. They are convenient and free, and many scrappy teams are taking advantage of these tools..

3 Cringeworthy Stats on Customer Retention

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