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Feature adoption software

Improve feature awareness and adoption

Don’t let your best features go unnoticed. Create walkthroughs and prompts to draw your attention to new and important product features.

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Drive feature adoption

How Appcues works

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Create walkthroughs

Build native-looking feature walkthroughs and tooltips to draw user attention and guide them to further value.

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Target the right audience

Show your flows to the right audience by creating a segment of users who haven’t interacted with a feature and target flows directly to them.

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Assign a goal

Define success criteria for your walkthroughs and assign goals to measure their performance.

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Analyze and iterate

Use analytics to gauge the effectiveness of your experiences. Instantly iterate on your flows to maximize engagement and feature adoption.

Product-led teams 💜 Appcues for feature adoption

“In-product messages and tours increased new feature activation by 20%. In the end, investing in Appcues was a drop in the bucket. At this point, it has probably saved us months of engineering time.”

Max Blaha, Product Manager
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“[Appcues has] enabled us to put time-sensitive information in front of our clients quickly, easily and with minimal dev effort required, all the way through to more in-depth messaging and signposting of new features and functionality.”

Arun Dahar, Head of Technology Delivery, Pharma
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“We can now be more strategic with our feature placements[...]With Appcues, we can hyper-target our messages and announcements to make sure that the user only sees them when using a feature or functionality will make them more successful.”

Tanya Littlefield, Director of Retention and Engagement Marketing
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