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The gold standard in user onboarding

Chances are, you’ve been welcomed to a new product by Appcues. Thousands of businesses trust Appcues to deliver beautiful, personalized, and effective onboarding experiences.

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reduce time to value
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user onboarding made easy

Beautiful and effective user onboarding, in minutes

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First impressions matter. Wow your users with personalized onboarding tours and checklists that delight, educate, and guide them to value faster.

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Our no-code Builder will make your job fun. Drag and drop images, change up the text, adjust the buttons—it’s all in your control. 

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Users expect personalized experiences, and your product is no exception. That’s why Appcues makes it easy to personalize every interaction.


Onboarding can make or break product adoption. Appcues’ targeting makes it easy to deliver an awesome onboarding experience—every time.

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Give ‘em the ol’ razzle dazzle. Welcome newcomers and show them around the minute they create their account.

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Segment and target users by persona, lifecycle stage, plan tier, account owner, and more. Strategic messaging for the win!

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What you measure gets managed. Easily track the impact of your onboarding flows, so you can better guide your users (and grow your business).

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activation rate

Do you know how many new users are reaching your product’s “aha” moment? Define and measure this crucial metric with Appcues. 

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free-to-paid conversion

If your goal is to improve free-to-paid conversion, we’ve got good news. Appcues gives you the tools to both track and improve it.