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User onboarding software

Boost activation with better user onboarding

First impressions matter. Wow your users with personalized onboarding tours that delight, educate, and guide them to value faster.

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Onboard and activate new users

How Appcues works

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Build your user onboarding experience

Create beautiful onboarding flows that look native to your product and drive users to activation faster.

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Target the right users

Show your flows to the right audience by creating and saving segments based on user behavior and attributes.

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Assign a goal

Define activation criteria for each unique segment and assign a goal to measure performance.

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Measure effectiveness and iterate

Use flow analytics and goal results to gauge the effectiveness of your experiences. Instantly iterate on your flows to maximize engagement and activation.

Product-led teams 💜 Appcues for user onboarding

“After a few A/B tests, Storyboard That had an Appcues onboarding flow that converted [over] 2X the number of free trial users into paid users.”

Aaron Sherman, Founder and CEO
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“By testing different onboarding flows, Yotpo increased 1-week new user retention by 50%.”

Omer Linhard, Product Growth Manager
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“In the first two weeks that Appcues was deployed, we improved first-week retention by nearly 20%.”

Neel Desai, Product Manager
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