Appcues 2018 Year in Review


Two thousand and eighteen. Most will remember it as the year of Fortnite and flossing. But not for those of us who lay our hats daily on the west side of Canal Street in Boston. For us, it was the year of Appcues.

Find out why in the full Appcues 2018 Year in Review.

A lot happened this year! We completed a rebrand and shipped some really great updates to our product, like Checklists. Our team nearly doubled (33 to 60) as we welcomed some wonderful faces—including our first 3 remote Appcuties. We raised our Series A in June and surpassed 1,000 customers in November!

And the good times will keep on rollin’ in 2019 (also the year of Appcues). We’re thrilled to announce that we have two new Appcuties joining our executive team in early January, we’ll be growing into a new office space, and we’ll be extending the reach of our platform with Appcues Mobile

And those are just a few of the highlights! We have a big mission and a lot of momentum—you can expect plenty more exciting milestones to share this time next year.

Appcues is going places in 2019, and we’d love to have you along to enjoy the journey with us.

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