Series-A-ly Excited


We started Appcues in 2013 on a simple premise: that every digital experience has the potential to be remarkable.

Since then, we’ve seen companies in every industry and across broad geographies begin the digital transformation we envisioned. These companies are pursuing growth by prioritizing user experience.

And more than 1,000 of them have chosen Appcues to create those experiences.

It’s no secret that UX is no longer a competitive advantage—it’s essential. People expect all software they encounter in life and in business to be beautiful, intuitive, and personalized.

That’s why we built Appcues—the world’s first user experience layer.

Over the last few years, we’ve enabled companies like Typeform, Canva, and Amplitude—teams known for great user experience—to create the delightful, timely, and personal product experiences that drive real business growth. We now power the user experience for millions of people around the world every single month, and we have ambitions to make that billions in the coming years.

Today, I'm excited to announce that our team will now have the means to do that and stay at the forefront of this rapidly maturing shift.

Our series A

We've raised a $10 million Series A, led by Sierra Ventures. Accomplice Ventures also participated in the round along with several notable angels—Matt Mickiewicz, Vinayak Ranade, Andreas Wiese, Ravi Grover, Jessica Meher, Chris Yin, Kevin Liu, and Jordan Doran.

We’re welcoming Tim Guleri, Managing Director of Sierra Ventures, to the Appcues board. Tim brings over a decade of enterprise software experience to the team and also had profound respect for our product-led model.

Tim said, “Beyond the exciting new category, what really excited me about the investment are the founding team of Jonathan and Jackson—who are triple-threat entrepreneurs. They have experience from Hubspot on how to grow real businesses using an inbound model; they have deep domain experience; and they have the fortitude and vision to build a large company. I am thrilled to be their partner in this journey."

I’m humbled by the team we have and excited for what’s ahead

As a customer-driven company, the real benefactors here are our customers. The new capital will help us meet their needs, by expanding to new platforms like mobile, and adding new use cases like feedback collection. Customers are at the center of everything we do, and this fundraise will allow us to serve them better.

We know that raising money is just another step along the journey, and that journey is accompanied by you—our friends, our family, our community. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.

And thank you to the Boston tech community. Boston is a unique place to build Appcues—what we lack in flash, we make up in empathy and heads-down hard work. We think it’s the perfect place to build a company that prioritizes user experience and a company culture of which we can be proud.

And if you’re interested in building the future of Appcues alongside us, we’re hiring.

Software engineer from Hawaii. Majored in Journalism. Passionate about building Appcues and helping real people.

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