Improve your user onboarding. Code-free.

Onboarding is hard to build and maintain. With Appcues you can publish in-app messages and walkthroughs to welcome your users, drive them to action, and create long-term customers.

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25,000,000 users onboarded

Increase your activation in 3 easy steps

Increase free-to-paid conversion

Your onboarding needs to evolve in lock-step with your product. Take control of your onboarding experience.

Improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a moving target. Automate your NPS surveys to keep a pulse on your user-base.


Create flows

Build and edit a user onboarding flow that welcomes users, drives them to Aha! moments, and encourages them to upgrade.

Custom styling: Design your flows to look native to your product.

Templates: Borrow from a library of onboarding patterns or create flows from scratch.


Target Users

Personalize your onboarding flows for different user segments to give them exactly what they need.

Segmentation: Group users by persona and onboard them uniquely.

Multi Language: Make sure users see your flows in their native language.


Measure Effectiveness

See exactly how your onboarding flows are performing. Iterate and continually increase activation over time.

Goals: Attribute your flow’s performance to an increase in activation or conversion.

 A/B Testing:  Optimize your activation rate by testing different onboarding flows.

Educate your users with proven onboarding patterns

Messages and Modals
Motivate new users with a great first impression and steer them towards success.
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Onboarding Checklists
Encourage users to complete key actions as they get started with your product.
Walkthroughs and Call-outs
Show users the value of your product by calling attention to certain functionality.

Work with user onboading experts

Appcues has helped thousands of product teams perfect their user onboarding. We’ve also written more on the subject than anyone else on the planet 🌎
“Canva personalized their user onboarding with Appcues, and in 2-3 weeks improved activation by 10%”
Xingyi Ho
Growth Manager
“We've found that users getting through the Appcues onboarding sequence have higher median retention rates than those that just get our email sequence.”
Morgan Brown
Growth-Driven COO
“By testing different onboarding flows, Yotpo increased 1-week new user retention by 50%.”
Omer Linhard
Product Growth Manager

Ready to improve your user onboarding experience?