Better User Onboarding.

Walkthroughs & in-app messages to guide users to success.

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Implement Welcome Messages

A well-crafted welcome message can provide much-needed motivation to get new users to engage with your app.
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Customize Onboarding Experiences by Persona

Get new users to their first Aha! moment faster with personalized onboarding experiences.
See product tour example

Teach New Users How to Use
Your Product

Point out important UI elements to ensure new users don't get frustrated or lost.
See personalization example

Our onboarding engine sits on top of your product

Onboard by persona

Increase activation for each 
of your products or user persona

Personalize the experience

Develop deeper relationships 
with a tailored experience

A/B testing

Optimize your onboarding to 
maximize your activation rate

Flow analytics

Measure the success of 
each onboarding experience

Over 17,000,000 users onboarded with Appcues

“Appcues enables our growth team to test multiple hypotheses within a short period of time.”
Xingyi Ho
Growth Manager, Canva
“Our engineering team is constantly working really hard on the core product, and it’s hard to get them to spend time on something like creating in-app messages.”
Alicia Shiu
Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude
"We've found that users getting through the Appcues onboarding sequence have higher median retention rates than those that just get our email sequence."
Morgan Brown, Inman
Growth-Driven COO, Inman
“The effort is so low but the ROI can be massive. Just devote the 1/2 day for implementation and try it. You will not be disappointed.”
Rohit Shenoy
Senior Product Manager, Toast