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How GetResponse boosted activation and adoption

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Tom Barragry
Product Marketing Lead

About GetResponse

GetResponse serves 350,000 customers (like IKEA, Zendesk, and Stripe) in 183 countries with their all-in-one online marketing suite. Their customers use GetResponse’s powerful tools to build websites, send emails, automate marketing processes, and more.

🎯 The challenge

As a product-led business relying on a 30-day trial call-to-action, GetResponse faced a pivotal challenge: improving new user activation and feature adoption. Tom Barragry, GetResponse's Product Marketing Manager, understood the importance of these areas and turned to Appcues for a solution.

🏆 The solution

Tom used Appcues to analyze user behavior and create impactful in-app experiences, focusing on improving new user activation rates within their email marketing solution.

👀 How they did it

1. Understanding user behavior 

Tom wanted to understand how new users engaged with their product. He was especially interested in the actions they took—when they took them, in what order, and how those actions correlated with success (activation).

Gathering this type of data typically took weeks and came at a high development cost. But that wasn’t the case using Appcues’ Click-to-track and Events Explorer features. In a quick 30-minute meeting, Tom and his colleagues decided which user actions to track, set up tracking (without needing any code), and immediately started seeing the data come in.

“Now that product marketing has this power and autonomy, everybody benefits. We're relying less on intuition and more on data." - Tom Barragry, Product Marketing Manager at GetResponse

The goal? Encourage as many users as possible to click “next” from the email editor. The team discovered that out of the 4 unique actions users could take to achieve this goal, one option stood out with a significant 57% majority. The data spoke for itself. They decided to streamline the experience for all new users by educating and guiding the remaining 43% toward the most common—and most effective—path to success.  

2. Building new journey

Based on these insights, Tom created a new onboarding flow to guide users down the optimal path. 

3. Creating a repeatable motion

GetResponse launched its Website Builder building on the success of their email marketing initiative. This time, the focus was on user segmentation. Appcues once again played a pivotal role in enabling the product marketing team to track and measure user engagement during the early access phase, providing crucial insights before the full product release.

The team targeted feedback surveys and re-engagement efforts, offering personalized experiences to specific user segments. Thanks to the accelerated timeline, the Website Builder launched earlier than planned, demonstrating the agility and efficiency Appcues brought to the product marketing process.

✅ Results

GetResponse's adoption of Appcues yielded incredible results. Within days of publishing their new onboarding flow, GetResponse increased new email creation by 60% and email sends (GetResponse’s activation moment) by 16%.

And their new Website Builder? Website Builder's adoption saw a ~5% boost—all thanks to an Appcues modal alerting existing customers of the new feature. 

Moving forward, GetResponse plans to leverage Appcues for localization initiatives in key markets, recognizing its potential for swift product optimization and continuous improvement. The product marketing team has also set their sights on ways to improve feature usage and reduce points of friction.


Our hot take

Data often gets locked away, out of reach for the teams who could really make the most of it. But guess what? In today's ultra-competitive landscape, retaining users is tougher than ever. Having unrestricted access to data to continually enhance your product experience is almost a competitive advantage. The teams that are steeped in data and iterating quickly are winning. Like Tom says,

“Now that product marketing has this power and autonomy, everybody benefits.” 

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