Delight new users
Make new users feel special, set the right expectations, and prime them for what comes next with personalized welcome modals.
personalize UseR journeys
Use branching logic to let your users choose their own path into your product and help them reach their desired outcomes more efficiently.
boost activation
Reduce time to value and guide users to their aha moments faster with personalized, targeted walkthroughs.

Onboard and activate new users, code-free

Create beautiful onboarding flows that look native to your product and convert more users.

  • Simple and flexible design patterns

  • Target users based on attributes and behaviors

  • Publish in minutes, not weeks

  • Easily measure the impact on conversion

A welcome modal and a checklist

Trusted by over 1k product‑led companies

4.8/5 on Capterra
4.7/5 on G2
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“After a few A/B tests, Storyboard That had an Appcues onboarding flow that converted [over] 2X the number of free trial users into paid users.”

Aaron Sherman, Founder and CEO

“By testing different onboarding flows, Yotpo increased 1-week new user retention by 50%.”

Omer Linhard, Product Growth Manager

“In the first two weeks that Appcues was deployed, we improved first-week retention by nearly 20%.”

Neel Desai, Product Manager

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