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Self-service support

Reduce support burden with self-service assistance

Educate users, provide contextual guidance, and offer proactive support within your product to reduce support tickets and scale faster.

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Provide self-service support

How Appcues works

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Create self-service guides

Create walkthroughs, hotspots, and widgets to set the right expectations for new users and provide ongoing, on-demand support throughout the user journey.

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Target the right users

Show your flows to the right audience by creating and saving segments based on user behavior and attributes. 

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Review performance

Leverage analytics to measure engagement with your flows and iterate on your self-service support accordingly.

Product-led teams 💜 Appcues for self-service support

"Implementing Appcues has overall impacted our support requests with a 22% reduction in support tickets!"

Amanda Borer, Director of Client Relations
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"With Appcues, We are solving usability challenges for our users and offering a self-serve option empowering our users to become more confident and proficient with our product."

Sara Maskivish, VP of Client Success,
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"Without Appcues, our customers wouldn’t have been able to experience the product the way they do now and we wouldn’t have been able to understand our customers as we do now."

Sam McDonnell, Head of Customer Success
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