Image of a pin


Provide users with contextual, persistent help—when and where they need it most

Use Pins, like persistent tooltips and buttons, to provide on-demand support, tips, and refreshers so your users can get the quick help they need, whether they’re on day 1 or day 100.

2 types of Pins

Icon with tooltip

Add persistent icons tied to helpful tooltips in an effort to reduce confusion, provide on-demand education, and activate your users by allowing them to launch walkthroughs on their own.


Place persistent, native-looking buttons in your product to drive users to complete a desired action like launching a flow, providing feedback, or navigating to another page.

3 ways to use Pins

Appcues’ Pins make it easy for you to provide users with always-available help and tips. 

Contextual help

Strategically place persistent Pins to get ahead of frequently asked questions or simplify a complex product.

Triggered walkthroughs

Provide easy to access walkthroughs for users to get a refresher on how to use a feature.

Tips & tricks

Share product tips when users will find it most relevant—in-app, at the time of using a feature.

Experience-first teams 💜 Appcues

We were thrilled to notice that users were [...] finding the value they were looking for without having to reach out to support.

Ryan Mitchell
Customer Support Manager, n2y

The biggest benefit of using Appcues for us is the fact that we’re able to create all these flows and tooltips and modals on our own without requiring any extra engineering time.

Alicia Shiu
Growth Product Manager, Amplitude

It was amazing to see that our users were [...] actually finding the contextual information they were looking for with just two clicks and were also taking the prescribed action.

Lawrence Barreca
Customer Success Technical Content Manager, Accelo

But wait, there’s more! 

Thousands of companies have used Appcues to onboard and engage over 500 million end users. We’ve learned a thing or two about what works. Check out Appcues’ other highly-effective experiences and UI patterns below.