in-app nps

The most effective and reliable way to capture user sentiment

Still asking users for NPS feedback via email? With in-app NPS surveys you can target specific user segments and gather data in real time.

3 ways to use NPS 

Appcues NPS surveys were designed to capture user sentiment—including qualitative feedback—and make that data immediately available for targeting.

Measure customer satisfaction

Understand your overall net promoter score, as well as individual user sentiment.

Automate user reviews

When a user leaves a positive score, immediately ask them for a public review.

Capture feedback

Include an open-ended text field to gather qualitative feedback.

Product-led teams 💜 Appcues NPS

The timing and placement of information play a critical role in conversion. Our in-app beta campaign was a huge success. As the results show, running targeted beta campaigns with Appcues is a no-brainer.

Tanya Jacob
Senior Product Marketing Manager, GoToWebinar

The best thing about Appcues is that everyone sees the relevant information they should see. You don’t have to worry about the open rates.

Iselin Johnsen
Product Manager, PatientSky

An event that we’re running next week generated 50% of the respondents through our Appcues promotion.

Kendal Austin
Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Toast

But wait, there’s more!

Thousands of companies have used Appcues to onboard and engage over 500 million end users. We’ve learned a thing or two about what works. Check out Appcues’ other highly-effective UI patterns below.