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Deliver timely, on-demand content with ease

With Launchpad, your users can access relevant information and announcements, all with one click.

3 ways to use Launchpad 

Appcues’ Launchpad is a versatile content library that’s always at the ready. 

Launchpad showing tutorials for flow recall

Flow recall

Give users the option of re-launching Appcues flows on their own time.

Launchpad showing on demand support

On-demand support

Provide guides and information specific to the page or feature being used.

Launchpad showing announcements


Deliver new feature announcements, product release notes, and more without disrupting your user’s workflow.

Product-led teams 💜 Appcues Launchpad

Once we saw that we were getting amazing completion rates of 70%—or more—just for the onboarding flow, we started creating flows for all of the major features.

Omer Linhard
Product Growth Manager

Launchpad has been very successful for us, and our customers really like it as well! 

Valerie Russell
Senior Content Marketing Specialist

In the first two weeks that Appcues was deployed, we improved first-week retention by nearly 20%.

Neel Desai
Product Manager

But wait, there’s more!

Thousands of companies have used Appcues to onboard and engage over 500 million end users. We’ve learned a thing or two about what works. Check out Appcues’ other highly-effective UI patterns below.