Code-free Hotspots for Contextual Help

Call attention to important elements of your webapp and get users to
activate features with Hotspots.

How it works

1. Install Appcues

1. Install Appcues

Have a developer install Appcues in 15 minutes by adding our embed script and identify() call into your app’s backend. More here.

2. Create content

2. Create content

Add content into your hotspots through our easy to use WYSIWYG editor. Style the content to match your brand’s look and feel.

3. Target specific users

3. Target specific users

Trigger when users will see your content. Segment based on user properties or user actions.

4. Measure your results

4. Measure your results

Get analytics on how users engage with your Appcues content. Analyze success there or pass it into your favorite integrated solution.

Bring Experiences to Life

without bugging your dev team


Non-technical teammates

Save your developers the annoyance of ad hoc requests that interrupt their day. Install Appcues and build simple in-product experiences on your schedule.



Focus on building the core functionality of the product, distraction free. Install Appcues (it's quick!) and unblock your teammates to improve user engagement.

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