Checklist popping up from a laptop


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Guide and motivate your new users with onboarding Checklists. Create a checklist in minutes, and start increasing your user engagement today.

3 user biases that make Checklists so effective

Appcues Checklists were designed to motivate and reward new users as they learn and adopt your product by tapping into powerful psychological principles. 

Checklist that is halfway finished

User bias towards completion

Checklists confirm progress visually, which urges users toward the finish line.

Checklist that is completed

User bias towards reward

Completing each item is a small win that gives users a hit of dopamine.

Checklist that is just started

User bias towards clarity

Users are more likely to act when they are presented with a clear path to success.

Product-led teams 💜 Appcues Checklists

I am very often asked by people what onboarding design patterns I recommend, and there are very very few where I’m just like, “total silver bullet…” But Checklists is one that I do usually recommend in a vacuum. I’m a big believer in it.

Samuel Hulick
Founder of UserOnboard

Appcues Checklists have been a game-changer for us. We never thought that we could 2X our free trial conversion with such minimal effort.

Ezra Sandzer-Bell
Customer Success Engineer, Appointlet

In the first two weeks that Appcues was deployed, we improved first-week retention by nearly 20%.

Neel Desai
Product Manager, ProfitWell

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Thousands of companies have used Appcues to onboard and engage over 500 million end users. We’ve learned a thing or two about what works. Check out Appcues’ other highly-effective UI patterns below.