Nudge Your Users Towards
Features They'll Love

Appcues lets you publish, edit, and iterate on
product experiences without writing any code.

WYSIWYG editor

Point-and-click editor

Anyone on your team can improve your product adoption. Easily create and edit product tours and in-app
messages with our WYSIWYG editor.
  • Select the right UI pattern
  • Create multi-step flows
Segmentation / targeting

User targeting

Maximize impact and minimize noise. Target messages based on who users are and what they've done/haven't done.
  • A/B testing
  • Advanced event triggers
Styling editor

Custom styling

Design your guides to look exactly like your product. Create styles for your product guides.
  • Save styles as themes
  • Live visual editor

Flow analytics

Learn from your successes. Measure how each flow performs on a high level and drill down to see what exactly is working.
  • View performance by version/iteration
  • Set goals and measure success
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Take your data with you

Coordinate your in-app messaging with other mediums. Integrate Appcues with your existing tech stack for a holistic user experience.
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Build custom UI patterns to improve user engagement

Create flows that grab users' attention and drive them to success.


Call out elements of your product
or require users to take an action.


Make announcements or introduce
major features.


Pique curiosity with a blinking or static hotspot to introduce product functionality.


Send a message to your users without interrupting their workflow.

Notification center

Let users recall your Appcues flows via an embeddable dropdown widget.

Adjustable backdrop

Add backdrop opacity to your patterns to call for the amount of attention you need.

Works with all webapps

Install Appcues in two easy steps. Note: your install code
may look different depending on your tech stack.
//import js

1. Install embed code

This code lets us publish flows into your product.
It's a super compact script that loads instantly.
//import js
Appcues.identify({UNIQUE_USER_ID}, { // Unique identifier for current user
name:  "John Doe", // Current user's name
email:  "", //Current user's email
created_at:  1234567890,  //Unix timestamp of user signup date
  // Additional user properties.
 // is_trail: false,
// plan:   "enterprise"

2. Push your data

This code passes your user data through our secure portal,
so you can target Appcues flows to whomever you want.
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Mission critical technology
for a great experience every time

Instant load times

Appcues won't slow you down -- delivered by Fastly CDN, our JavaScript SDK loads rocket-fast, and with average API response times under 100 milliseconds — using Appcues feels truly instantaneous. Engineers: we're not making this up!

Secure scripts & servers

We take security very seriously at Appcues. In addition to industry-standard HTTPS and TLS encryption of our network traffic, we use Amazon KMS to encrypt your data with AES-256 at rest. And we prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks in our API and SDK, so that you are in full control of your user data.


You can depend on Appcues as a trusted part of your platform. We deliver more than 99.9% availability. With multiple backup systems, redundant hosting across datacenters, and the durability of Amazon Web Services, we're built for safety  and speed.