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Appcues Localization

Speak your user's language

There are over 7,000 languages spoken around the world. How many languages does your product speak? 

Appcues makes it easier to onboard, educate, and support your users in their native language—whether that’s Spanish, Mandarin, Bengali, Igbo, or Ancient Greek (you never know).

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How it works

Becoming fluent in another language is hard. Localizing your in-app experiences shouldn’t be. Appcues Localization makes it simple for web and native mobile apps.

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Build in-app content in your native language

Create and target your new user onboarding, product tours, or feature announcements.

Process of localization within Appcues

Export that content for translation

Export that content as a CSV or JSON file for translation by your in-house team or a third party service.

Modals In multipole languages

Upload translated content and publish

Once you’ve uploaded your translations to Appcues, just hit publish. By default, we’ll target based on a user’s browser language—but you can use any attribute you’d like.