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How Tactical Arbitrage increased live attendance by 60% using in-app banners

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Jeff Campbell
Customer Engagement Coordinator

🎯 The challenge

Anyone who runs webinars or live coaching knows how hard it is to get registrants to actually show up. Tactical Aribitrage and InventoryLab faced this exact challenge and needed a way to increase live attendance for their customer coaching classes, where they teach users how to use these applications, that have become vital to growing their Amazon businesses. 

🏆 The solution

In the past, Jeff Campbell, Customer Engagement Coordinator, used in-app flows to remind users when a class was about to start. But when Banners launched, he wanted to try the new pattern to see how it performed.

“We hold classes weekly and switched from flows to banners to see how that would work as a reminder 5 minutes before the class was starting. I started it with a link to the class page in Zoom in the banner targeted to those who registered for the class. 
It's in-app and it makes it easy to remind our users about upcoming events without having them leave the app.”

👀 How they did it

✅ Results

Jeff tested Banner reminders on a few different classes and then compared the performance to flow reminders.

“It increased attendance by 60+% for the classes we tested it on so we are going to continue using it. Love banners!”


Our hot take

Banners are a great way to send an important announcement that gets attention exactly when you need it. Because they are a more intrusive pattern, we don’t suggest using them for just anything, but if you need to get a message out loud and clear, a banner is the way to do it! (Of course, it’s always worth a test first!)

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