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How PatientSky gathered feedback, announced updates, and reduced support burden by 30%

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Iselin Johnsen
Product Manager

About PatientSky

PatientSky develops innovative IT solutions for both patients and healthcare practitioners in Norway. Approximately 80% of Norwegian doctors use PatientSky and their patient mobile app is one of the most downloaded healthcare apps in Norway. 

🎯 The challenge

PatientSky faced the daunting (but relatable) challenge of engaging their diverse user base of healthcare professionals. Traditional methods like email feedback campaigns and updates fell short, prompting the team to find a solution to better connect with their users. 

🏆 The solution

Iselin Johnsen, a Product Manager at PatientSky, used Appcues to gather contextual feedback, announce updates, encourage referrals, introduce product demos, and reduce the support burden—all directly in the product. This turned their product into the primary channel for customer engagement. 

👀 How they did it

1. Targeted feedback campaigns

Iselin and her team understood that contextual user feedback was an essential part of creating products users love. The team tried their luck with email, but the response rates were low—so they enabled Appcues NPS: a simple way of keeping a pulse on users' sentiments with quantifiable feedback for follow-up campaigns.

“Appcues has helped us create a robust feedback loop. We can now act upon the constant stream of feedback. For us, this is the first step towards becoming more product-led.” 

2. Turning NPS Champions into Advocates

As word-of-mouth plays a powerful role in the healthcare industry, they wanted to leverage their users’ positive feedback into an ongoing referral campaign. So, PatientSky targeted a slideout to happy customers who gave them an NPS of 8 to 10.

3. Explaining product updates

PatientSky also used Appcues to inform users about product changes. When they updated their planner module, they launched a flow to explain the impact and gather user satisfaction ratings. Over time, they integrated minor product updates into their Launchpad for a less intrusive experience.

4. Demonstrating feature value to motivate change

Iselin wanted to help users switch to PatientSky's new journaling system, which was a big change for doctors and practitioners. (Fun fact: practitioners only change their journals about once every 13 years!) Iselin's team created a demo to show how the new system could benefit them. Iselin also made a tutorial to guide users and set expectations. 

“We really wanted them to see the value of our product. The problem was that most practitioners were reluctant to try something new. We had to create a tutorial that showed them the value upfront and encouraged them to use the demo the right way”

5. Alleviating support burden

Lastly, Iselin and her team used Appcues to reduce common questions their support team received by creating hotspots and feature tours that provided contextual in-app guidance throughout the user experience. 

✅ Results

That’s a lot of different things the PatientSky team had cooking—and the customer engagement impact was substantial! 

First, their NPS feedback campaign achieved a 55% completion rate, providing them with a continuous stream of actionable feedback. And their in-app referral campaign generated references within a week—a big improvement over the previous method where sales made phone calls that rarely worked.

“Generating referrals in an automated way has been amazing for us. Our sales team is really happy they don’t need to randomly call our users for references anymore.”

Announcing product updates became more effective, too. Compared to traditional email campaigns, open rates increased, and PatientSky achieved a 74% acknowledgment rate for updates via the Appcues Launchpad.

And that demo they introduced for their new journaling feature? 88% of users who saw the tutorial went on to use the demo. Iselin took that opportunity to set up a flow and collect feedback on the demo, and nearly 80% of users shared their thoughts, suggested improvements, or showed interest in buying the full PatientSky version.

This information proved to be invaluable for Iselin and her team. 

“Collecting all this feedback through Appcues helps us build a demo environment our users really want to see. Appcues is helping us build experiences that break old habits.”

Lastly, the team reduced daily support inquirues by 30% with hotspots and feature tours.  The average call time also increased, indicating non-technical issues were being adequately addressed in-product through Appcues.

“Appcues allows us to quickly inform our customers about new updates to our product, downtime information, and reminders of helpful tips. Some of the customers who used to call our support for information are now self-served via Appcues. This means that our support department today can spend more time on customers who need wider technical help.”


Our hot take

Wow, what an impact! We love how Iselin continued to improve the product experience using Appcues in different ways. There are so many opportunities to enhance user communication that it can be overwhelming to know where to start—but we love seeing teams tackling challenges one at a time and really leaning into their product as their primary communication channel. Keep it up, PatientSky!

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