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How OneTable accelerated onboarding for their hosts, slashing time by 31%

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Pammie Shapiro
Director of Program + Tech Integration


Inspired by ancient Jewish wisdom, OneTable is a North American nonprofit that empowers people in their 20s and 30s to build a consistent Shabbat dinner practice that feels authentic, sustainable, and meaningful.

🎯 The challenge

Becoming a host for OneTable is a critical step for users and involves a detailed application process. However, the traditional method of sending a Welcome Video via YouTube and following up with email responses to local Field Managers was inefficient and time-consuming. This approach resulted in delays between application submission, approval, and the actual hosting of dinners.

🏆 The solution

To address these challenges, OneTable implemented Appcues to streamline the onboarding process. They transitioned the manual steps into an in-platform experience, creating a Welcome Flow to guide new hosts through the necessary steps quickly and efficiently. By leveraging Appcues, OneTable aimed to maintain momentum and excitement for new hosts while increasing team productivity.

👀 How they did it

1. Welcoming new hosts

OneTable created a new Flow that allows hosts to watch the helpful Welcome Video within the platform and submit their answers directly. 

2. Nailing targeting for the Welcome flow

OneTable really honed their segmentation for the experience to ensure that folks who submitted their host application but didn’t get moved to “host” in their system backend didn’t get served the Flow again. Pammie Shapiro shared, “Being as specific as possible with targeting has been most helpful for us. It took some trial and error to figure out that we needed that additional segmenting, but since we got it just right, we haven’t had to make any adjustments to either Flow.”

3. Creating an on-demand version

Additionally, by tracking everyone who clicked “Remind Me Later”, OneTable was able to serve up a "reminder" version of the Flow that was created for users to watch the video at their convenience. By customizing the content and targeting specific segments, OneTable ensured a seamless user experience and maximized engagement.

Pammie Shapiro, Director of Program and Tech Integration at OneTable, noted a significant reduction in support emails from new hosts since implementing the Welcome Video Flow. Through strategic targeting and event tracking, OneTable achieved a 50% completion rate on both Flows and a remarkable 91% engagement rate among those who began the Flow.

“This welcome video has been instrumental in reducing the number of support emails we get from new hosts.”

4. Passing valuable data to Salesforce

Last but not least, Pammie leveraged Zapier to pass responses directly to Salesforce to automate pipeline processes. This integration not only streamlined data management but also facilitated meaningful data collection.

✅ Results

Prior to the implementation of the Welcome Video Flow, OneTable hosts took an average of 52 days from watching the video and completing their application to posting their first dinner. With the new streamlined process, this timeline has been reduced to just 36 days. By embracing Appcues and optimizing the onboarding experience, OneTable has successfully expedited the journey from application to hosting, fostering a vibrant and engaged community of hosts dedicated to the mission of OneTable.

The cherry on top? This new experience lets OneTable collect meaningful data. When asking the question, “Please list OneTable’s three core values, and then share how you will incorporate one of these values into your Shabbat practice,” they've been inundated with heartwarming messages like: 

“Shabbat brings joy into others' lives. As I set up the meal and the table, choose the foods to bring, etc. I think it will be truly special for me to engage with what will bring me and guests at our table joy — what sparks joy, so to speak!”
“I love the idea of centering dinner around joy! Sometimes it’s hard to find joy or gratitude in the little things when there’s so many sad things happening around us. My favorite part of Shabbat dinner has been to slow down and have fun with my friends!”


Our hot take

Getting users right to value is one of the top ways that organizations can activate users more quickly. OneTable was able to do just that, streamlining their onboarding process to reduce time and foster a sense of community and joy from the outset. Great work, Pammie!

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