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How LingQ replaced their homemade tooltips and increased lesson open rate by 10%

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Thomas Pruchinski
Head of Learner Success

About LingQ

Based on methods developed by co-founder Steve Kaufmann, who speaks 20 languages, LingQ is an online and mobile app language learning system and community.

🎯 The challenge

Getting new users to sign up for your tool is the easy part … actually getting them to use it is much harder. LingQ wanted to run onboarding experiments at scale—shifting away from home-grown content to a platform that allowed them to test new ideas quickly.

🏆 The solution

Thomas Pruchinski, Head of Learner Success at LingQ, leveraged Appcues to create a more flexible trial experience. This improved the end-user experience and allowed the LingQ team to test, iterate, and optimize their funnel more rapidly for faster learning.

👀 How they did it

1. Shifting away from building-house

Thomas recreated all of their existing homegrown tooltips with Appcues-generated experiences.

“We recreated our web onboarding tooltips using Appcues - mimicking what we had done in-house and saw an increase in our onboarding funnel. 

2. Strategic experimentation

After that, Thomas focused on identifying opportunities throughout the onboarding process where he could test different messaging on tooltips and different types of experiences. The goal was to test every part of the funnel.

“We ran a series of tests to optimize the various points in the funnel. Some tests are successful, most are not. But by running a series of tests, we have overall increased in the funnel even more.”

3. Testing multiple variations

Lastly, he used Appcues for A/B testing product tour variations with two sets of new users, determining which version performed better. Following each test, he promptly iterated based on newly acquired insights.

✅ Results

LingQ increased their lesson open rate by 10% using Appcues Tooltips. A simple change made managing onboarding easier and resulted in a better end-user experience. Plus, LingQ was able to run new tests and learn at scale.


Our hot take

Experimentation has to be flexible and easy to see real gains. Being able to easily manage, target, and change the onboarding experience meant that LingQ could effectively experiment with their funnel and try new things. Iterating quickly is key to standing out in a crowded marketplace.

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