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How Bynder increased the speed of sales with a self-service product demo

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Jack Saville
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About Bynder

Bynder goes far beyond managing digital assets. Our digital asset management (DAM) platform enables teams to conquer the chaos of proliferating content, touchpoints, and relationships in order to thrive.

🎯 The challenge

To showcase their product, Bynder relied on personalized sales demos that lasted up to 2 hours. But as the company grew, the sales-heavy process became challenging to scale. What’s more? Potential clients missed out on in-depth exploration at their own pace—leading to missed opportunities.  

“If we had continued down the personalized demo path, we would have lost potential clients and would also have spent an unnecessary number of sales hours guiding potential clients through our demo,” says Jack Saville, SEO Specialist at Bynder.

🏆 The solution

To address these challenges, Bynder developed a self-service demo app so users could explore the product all by themselves. But they still wanted to make sure that users really understood how everything worked and got the full picture of their features and functionalities. So, Jack and Ariel put their clever minds together and created guided tours within the self-serve demo app using Appcues. 

👀 How they did it

Bynder's approach to guiding users through the demo app involved several key components:

1. Maintaining a personalized welcome

Since prospects were losing the personal touch of a sales person, Bynder crafted a new personalized onboarding flow that welcomed new users with a friendly message and included a video from the CEO that set expectations.

2. Feature education for deeper engagement

After the onboarding tour, prospects were encouraged to freely explore the demo app. The team crafted unique flows to guide users through different features and modules, showing them the value they offered. The team combined two-step modal flows with unobtrusive hotspots for most features. The hotspots explained features and directed users’ attention to specific actions. This combination simulated the sales process right in the demo.   

“The user is free to explore the software themselves, and Appcues is there to help the user along the way. This all means that the customer is able to quickly understand how our digital asset management software can benefit them, which means they are more likely to buy!"

3. Learning through immediate feedback 

Determined to improve this long-term strategy over time, the Bynder crew poured over CRM data and qualitative user feedback to determine what was working in their new self-guided process. To get feedback, they created an in-app survey that asked one key question: “Did you find the tutorial tour helpful?”

✅ Results

Bynder’s survey got an 80% positive response rate and a 60% completion rate. This gave them valuable insights and a clear indication of high user engagement. 

Bynder was also thrilled to see a 9% increase in the speed of its sales cycle from Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Proof that this new approach eliminated the challenge of overwhelming potential clients with lengthy personalized demos.

Lastly, the team discovered that roughly 20% of SQLs now came from the self-serve demo experience. Prospects from this channel also required less hand-holding in subsequent conversations and were more informed about Bynder's capabilities. A win-win if we’ve ever seen one!


Our hot take

Bynder's sales game got a serious upgrade with their self-service demo app, but their hard work would have been less successful without the added element of user guidance. The flow they built is [chef’s kiss] what we love to see orgs build: expectation setting → guiding users to value → driving desired actions → capturing data and feedback. 

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