Overheard in Product: Morale, Alignment, TTBTQ, Analytics, and Codes of Friendship


We’re back with part 3 of Overheard in Product—a series where we round up all of the tantalizing conversations from product folks that you may have missed on the web last week.

This week, we talk about low morale among engineers, the alignment journey, the tradeoff between time and quality, B2B product analytics, and a friendship that changed the course of Google's history.

Let’s get to it.

The moral imperative of increasing morale

First up: Ryan Singer, Head of Product Strategy at Basecamp, discusses what’s going on with engineers’ morales and how to fix it.

This is a tweet from the head of product strategy at Basecamp about processes for CTOs and product managers, and how they address low morale among engineers.

There’s a lot of discussion in the thread about the causes of micromanagement, the length of sprint cycles, and where deployment cycles can—and should—fit in those cycles. A meaty read for folks in similar situations.

It’s Tuesday, do you know where your alignments are?

Next up: Gwen Betts, Director of Product Experience and Delivery at Rapid7, reminded us that there’s no end to working toward alignment.

This is a tweet about product managent and alignment. It reads "alighnment is a journey! it is not an end state"

We couldn’t agree more. Constant communication is key to alignment. After all, repetition doesn’t ruin the prayer!

May the force...beam you up?

Julie Zhou, Product Design VP at Facebook, wrote a fantastic Medium article about the endless debate between polishing and shipping.

This is a tweet from Julie Zhup, the VP of product design at Facebook. It is a link to a Medium article about the tradeoff between time and quality (ttbtq)

The Sunk Cost fallacy is alive and well, folks! But Julie ends with 6 tactics to ship high-quality work exceptionally well. See for yourself.

Don’t be a one-metric pony

John Cutler, Product Evangelist at Amplitude, has a great (growing) thread about analytics and B2B product teams—or rather, the lack thereof.

This is a tweet about B2B saas product teams not using analytics or insights. This is a tweet from john cutler at Amplitude.

Folks offered up their own theories—inexperience, inability to make a decision, fear, even hubris. But no one seemed to deny that it’s a real problem.

Bonus: Friends that code together, stay together

🎩 Hat tip to our very own product designer—Emily Carlin—for this week’s bonus round.

In her words: “This story is about the friendship between Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat, two early (and present-day) Google employees. It’s a great slice of tech history and a testament to the power of close collaboration.”

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