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Drunk User Testing San Francisco—by the Numbers

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Last week, 12 Appcuties flew 2,699 miles from Boston to San Francisco. We were on a mission—to bring one of Boston’s favorite tech events to a new city.

Drunk User Testing is a community event that Appcues puts on to help companies run user tests in a relaxed environment. This year we’re hosting 4-5 of these events around the US.

If you want to see if/when we’ll be coming to your city, sign up for the Drunk User Testing newsletter.

Here’s a recap of last week’s event broken down by numbers:

262 IDs verified.

This was our most well-attended event to date, and yes, we live by the law.

The crowd at Drunk User Testing San Francisco

We did let this dog in, however, and he probably isn’t 21. And he definitely had a few.

Dog at Drunk User Testing

Maybe he’s 21 in dog years.

10 participating companies.

Big thanks to the companies that ran tests at the event. 

We had several San Francisco-based businesses: Amplitude, 15Five, Travelbank, KissMetrics’ Sherlock team, Couchsurfing, Tenor, and Kintone.

Amplitude at Drunk User Testing
15Five at Drunk User Testing SF
Travelbank at Drunk User Testing
Kissmetric's Sherlock team at Drunk User Testing
Tenor's team at Drunk User Testing
Kintone's team at Drunk User Testing

And a few of our friends from Boston came along for the ride too. Shoutout to iRewardHealth and Quick Base.

iReward Health's team at Drunk User Testing
Quick Base at Drunk User Testing

Here’s a link to the photo booth pictures. And other pics from around the event.

288 Auntie Anne’s pretzels eaten. 

In case you were wondering, the traditional kind went faster than the cinnamon.

Auntie Annie's at Drunk User Testing SF

100 mini pretzel hot dogs also went pretty quickly.

236 photo booth photos taken. This sequence is my favorite.

~450 user test run. That’s 2 and 1/4 tests/attendee. The goal of the event is to facilitate feedback, so it was great to see this level of participation.

Data Nom at Drunk User Testing SF

4/6 kegs kicked. Drunk User Testing lived up to its name. Although we really don’t take the ‘drunk’ as seriously as the ‘testing.’

2 birthdays celebrated! There’s truly no better way to celebrate a birthday than at Drunk User Testing. We offer private rooms, pizza, cake, and ice cream 🎂😂

Woman celebrates birthday at Drunk User Testing

>1 Tinder date. There’s truly no better place for a first date. Yes. Someone openly told me this at the registration desk. I’ve never been more hopeful for a second date.

1 happy Appcues team. Thanks to our participating companies, all the attendees, Covo, and Auntie Anne’s we had a fantastic time.

The Appcues team at Drunk User Testing SF

64 days ‘til Drunk User Testing Boston! We’re pumped to host our 6th Drunk User Testing at our friend Wistia’s headquarters in Boston on May 24th. Get your tickets now.

Boston Drunk User Testing
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