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$99 / month

$90 / month

Up to 1,000 MAU’s

Up to 1,000 MAU’s

Create unlimited flows

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Appcues branding

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$299 / month

$275 / month

Up to 4,000 MAU’s

Then $29 / 1k extra

Up to 4,000 MAU’s

Then $29 / 1k extra

Everything in Bootstrap, plus:

Multi-User accounts

Email & chat support

No Appcues branding

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Infinite MAU’s

With friendly pricing at scale

Infinite MAU’s

With friendly pricing at scale

Everything in Growth, plus:

Custom invoicing & SLAs

Dedicated account manager

Admin controls & permissions

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Jaime Viera

“Pretty amazing that we went live with Appcues in just three weeks. We see BIG things happening with this already.”

Jaime Viera, Marketing Specialist, Schedulicity

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define monthly active users?

MAUs are calculated as the total number of users who sign in to your platform in any given month. We don't charge you for dormant users who may be in your database but don't log any activity during a given month.

What happens if I exceed the MAUs allowed under my current plan?

If you exceed your plan, we'll keep all of your Appcues running and will automatically upgrade your account or charge you a prorated overage, whichever is cheapest for you, at the next billing cycle.

Our application has greater than 20k MAUs. Can I use Appcues?

Of course! Appcues is built to scale to tens of millions of users. Shoot us an email at to learn about enterprise pricing.

Can I use one account on two webapps?

Yes you can. Our growth package enables you to use one Appcues account in multiple products. We'd total your monthly active user count to determine your exact price from there.

Can I try Appcues before committing to a plan?

Yes. All Appcues plans come with a free trial and no credit card required. Your trial gives you the ability to show Appcues flows up to 100 times. However, we are currently offering your first 14 days as unlimited. So go here to start your free trial now.

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