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How we let users opt-in to our new beta feature automatically

We're thrilled about our new feature in beta—but we needed to make it easy for users to join and provide feedback. So, we came up with a plan of action that involves a cute lil' Button Pin, a nifty Slideout, and a Zap to build it. The best part? We can easily use this method for future betas with minimal effort (and you can, too!)

The background

Spoiler alert: we’ve been building a game-changing new feature here at Appcues—but the future roadmap for it is heavily dependent on user feedback. We needed to ensure a successful beta, and we wanted to open it to anyone who was interested and willing to provide feedback. 

Plan of action

With the above in mind, we created a mechanism that lets our users self-opt-in to the beta and automatically get access to the feature—without our product team lifting a finger! (Okay, they did lift a finger to build this). But the best part? If this goes well, this set of actions is easily repeatable for future betas with minimal effort. 🥳

How we built it

Step 1: We built a cute lil’ Button Pin and dropped it into our overview screen. Within the audience segmentation, we targeted users on a specific pricing plan (the same plans that will have access to the feature when it’s live) and users who have over 20 live flows (because that indicates high engagement which makes this feature more valuable to them).

Screenshot of Appcues Button Pin: Join the Beta

Step 2: We created a nifty Slideout that occurs after the user clicks the button. Here’s what it looks like: 

Screenshot of Appcues slideout asking users to join beta

And after a user clicks “Join the beta” they’ll see this confirmation step: 

Screenshot of Appcues confirmation step

Step 3: That button click event kicks off a Zap (aka a Zapier workflow): The Zap is set up to automatically trigger the feature access for that user in LaunchDarkly (screenshot below). Our Zap is pulling the Appcues Attributes (as that’s what we use as a user key in LaunchDarkly) to trigger the access.

We pre-built the Zap for you so that you can easily copy it.

Screenshot of Appcues event triggering

And that’s all! Pretty sweet huh?