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Get the user data you need, wherever you need it

Imagine having real-time product usage data sent to any tool you use. That’s Events Broadcaster. Simply track an event and we’ll do the rest.

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Let your users’ actions be your guide

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Track user engagement and actions, code-free

Use Appcues’ Builder to track in-app events—from clicks and hovers to typing in a form field—without a developer. Once tracked, we’ll start collecting event data for analysis, flow targeting, and of course, delivery to integrated tools.

Beyond events tracked with the Builder, Appcues automatically captures Flow Events (like flow started and completed) and survey responses (including NPS).

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No-code tracking

You won’t need a developer or analyst to help you track and manage events. A few clicks, and you’re good to go. 

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Simple event validation

Appcues makes it easy to view and validate every event by surfacing performance details at-a-glance in our Events Explorer.

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Native event auto-capture

By default, Appcues auto-captures and surfaces Flow Events (like flow started and completed), NPS, and survey responses.

Deliver in-app event data wherever you need it

Events Broadcaster sends in-app events from Appcues to any integrated tool, in real-time. Imagine the automations you’d create, the multi-channel campaigns you’d run! Being product-led has never been so easy—and literal.

Once you’ve connected a tool to Appcues, simply track an event using our Builder and we’ll do the rest—no code required. You win. Your customers win.

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Multi-channel campaigns

Trigger emails or other communications based on a user’s actions inside of your product, tracked and delivered by Appcues.

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Customer-centricity, realized

Empower every teammate to be a customer expert by delivering key user actions and insights to the tools they use.

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Unified business intelligence 

Rely on a CRM, advanced analytics, or BI tool to monitor performance? No problem. Send Appcues events (virtually) anywhere. 


Integrations as easy as they are powerful

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Appcues’ Slack integration makes it easy to update Slack in real-time when users respond to NPS surveys, complete or skip Appcues flows and Checklists, or submit information via a form. Customer-centricity has never been easier.

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Appcues offers two-way integrations with both Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Support. Easily send user property data from Zendesk to Appcues, and Appcues survey and event data to Zendesk.

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Turn your tech stack into one big, happy, product-led family. Appcues’ Zapier integration facilitates connections to 1,500+ products, so you can use Appcues event data to trigger virtually any action you can imagine.

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