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Add leads who finish onboarding checklists to Marketo lists

Ecosystem intro: 

Marketers all over the world use Marketo to run end to end Marketing automation and campaign management. 

Whether it’s integrating multi-channel campaigns, managing lead lists, or creating workflow automation, Marketo has you covered. 

But what if...

You could keep track of which users had completed your in-product onboarding checklists, and use those lists to manage marketing campaigns? 

What metric will this impact?

By integrating your marketing and product automation, this formula will help boost trial conversion, SQLs, and trial to opportunity conversion. 

How does this work?

First, create a zap that get’s triggered when a user completes an Appcues checklist. We’ve made a template for you in Zapier, you can find the link on the growth lab page to user it. 

Create a Marketo list where you’d like to add your leads. 

make a marketo list

Connect your Appcues trigger to Marketo, and select “add lead to list”

Then you’re done! You can turn on this Zap when you’re ready and create all kinds of awesome automation in Marketo based on the list. 

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