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How Radancy achieved a 3x boost in UX personalization

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Markus Hafellner
Product Manager

About Radancy

Radancy, formerly Firstbird, is the leading cloud-based talent acquisition software provider intelligently solving the most critical challenges for enterprises globally and delivering cost-efficient outcomes that strengthen their organizations.

🎯 The challenge

Radancy faced a common challenge shared by many organizations: scaling UX personalization for individual enterprise customers. They first attempted an in-house approach but quickly realized it was too complex, involving multiple teams (customer success, marketing, design, and engineering) which led to significant inefficiencies and difficulties.

🏆 The solution

That's when Product Manager Markus Hafellner and his team found Appcues and saw its potential for scaling UX personalization. They realized it could help them manage custom messaging and user onboarding without having to rely on other teams. Appcues' simplicity and power, with its WYSIWYG editor and strong targeting capabilities, offered an efficient way to create personalized messages for different user segments.

👀 How they did it

1. Building custom messages for individual customers

One of the first things Markus did with Appcues was create differentiated customer messaging tailored to their unique needs. Radancy offers an incognito mode feature that some companies wanted to highlight to their users through Radancy. So, Radancy delivered personalized messages to these specific subgroups using Appcues. 

Markus said it best himself, “With Appcues, it’s super easy to create something new or change something up.”

2. Localized messages into the wild with speed

While the initial change was initiated by Radancy, sometimes we need to react to the changes imposed on our organizations. For example, when GDPR regulations impacted one of Radancy’s main features, the direct referral, they had to inform users about the change in functionality. During this update, they took advantage of the opportunity to reactivate users by reminding them of the remaining functionality.

Markus used a pop-up with localized copy for both German and English users, targeting it at a specific group of users—Talent Scouts—when they visited the job page.

The message was seen by thousands of users and successful in generating new referrals. What's more, Markus was able to create the modal, get the copy approved by marketing, and publish in just a couple of hours. 

3. Gathering valuable product feedback

The most valuable way Radancy uses Appcues? Product feedback. Rather than relying on the hassle of individual interviews or email surveys that often result in recall bias, Markus began asking custom, in-app questions directed right to end users. In one recent survey, he asked, “If you could change one thing on the platform today, what would it be?” This quickly resulted in an incredible amount of actionable feedback.

Additionally, Radancy sees value in testing MVPs and smaller feature experiments, like a recent test concept of an employer review system similar to that of Glassdoor. Using Appcues, Markus sent out tailored messages to a set of customers that directed them to an external page. By tracking the users who clicked through to this external page, Radancy was able to determine the viability of this feature before moving forward in building its full functionality.

The time saved in development on this MVP test was massive.

“We ship on a weekly basis, so something custom-built would take at least one week—and that’s only if it was fully specified,” Markus said.

✅ Results

Markus and the Radancy team have been able to successfully start messaging at scale without having to sacrifice personalization. 

When asked to synthesize his view of Appcues, Markus described it as simply being easy and quick to use. He said,

“If there’s a new requirement or we want to experiment quickly, Appcues is our first choice. As a product manager, if we can do it with Appcues, let’s use Appcues. It’s quicker and better for everyone.”


Our hot take

We know that personalized and relevant communication with your customers deepens user connection, increasing engagement and adoption. It also gives you the data you need to make the right call when it comes to product development. We’re excited to see ways the Radancy team continues to level up relevancy in the future. Awesome job, Radancy!

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