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How ProfitWell used Appcues to increase first-week retention by 20%

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Neel Desai
Director of Product

About ProfitWell

ProfitWell provides industry-standard BI solutions that improve retention and monetization automatically by providing financial, usage, and attribution data to its customers. It helps businesses across the globe to reduce churn, optimize pricing, and grow their subscription businesses.

🎯 The challenge

Neel joined the ProfitWell team with a mission: improve user onboarding. He noticed that users weren’t engaging and activating quickly enough—and it was critical that Neel find a way to keep users within the product for longer to drive them to value. But adding even a single welcome modal meant getting the dev team involved. Neel needed a solution that allowed him to take matters into his own hands without relying on developers.

🏆 The solution

That’s when Neel discovered Appcues. He signed up for a free trial and used the Flow Builder to easily create multi-step onboarding experiences for his customers within minutes. He also created a theme for his flows that made them look native to his product.

 “We're constantly thinking of ways to better activate and engage our users, and Appcues seemed like a really cool way to quickly try different things to educate our new customers on how to use our platform.– Neel Desai

When the time came to publish these flows, Neel invited an engineer on his team to ensure a one-time successful Appcues installation. Within 15 minutes, Neel could publish the experiences he created, gaining full control of the in-app messaging.

👀 How they did it

✅ Results

ProfitWell successfully used Appcues to improve first-week retention without straining their engineering resources. What’s more, within 2 months of deploying Appcues, ProfitWell saw an improvement of 20% in their first-week retention. Seeing early success with Appcues, ProfitWell now uses Appcues to deliver contextual information to their customers at each critical step of their journey.

“Appcues to me is a retention marketing solution because your onboarding is one of those absolutely critical paths to ... introducing that user or that customer to your brand somewhat for the first time. It's basically hand-holding that user in a really really positive way so that they can see just how beautiful your product and just how beautiful the solution that you've created actually is.” – Patrick Campbell, CEO & Co-Founder

We caught up with product manager Neel Desai and CEO and co-founder Patrick Campbell at ProfitWell to learn how Appcues has helped them engage their users.


Our hot take

Never underestimate a scrappy PM who’s constantly observing user behavior. In the era of “do more with less”, it’s critical to empower non-technical teammates to take control of the user experience. It took Neil all but 15 minutes to get set up with Appcues and start making an impact on Profitwell’s product experience—that’s about the time it takes to file a ticket.

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