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How Feefo quickly opted 30% of users into a new UI redesign

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Neil Terry
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About Feefo

Feefo is a customer review and insights platform committed to collecting honest customer reviews on behalf of businesses so that those businesses can, in turn, provide their customers with feedback they can trust.

🎯 The challenge

As Feefo geared up for a major UI redesign of their Feefo Hub, their control center for user actions, they knew they faced a large churn risk and potential disruption. Neil Terry, Product Manager, and his team knew they needed was a way to communicate effectively with their customers throughout the redesign process if they wanted to limit negative friction.

🏆 The solution

Feefo recognized that the most effective way to communicate with customers was through in-app messaging:

“There's no better time to communicate with our customers than when they're in the application using it,” explains Neil.

The team used Appcues to support the redesign launch in three key ways: to generate anticipation, transition users smoothly, and collect valuable feedback without extensive technical investment.

👀 How they did it

Terry and his team approached the launch with a thoughtful three-step process:

1. Tease the redesign

In phase one, Feefo used custom Modals to showcase teaser announcements before the official launch. This helped them generate anticipation and mitigate potential shock because users had a heads-up that change was coming. 

2. Transition users gradually and collect feedback

Next, Feefo gave users the option to transition or revert back to the old environment. Users who were unhappy with the new design that chose to revert back to the old interface were required to answer a couple of questions. 

According to Terry, “making the questionnaire mandatory was key to getting the answers we needed. We wanted to find out the pain points, strengths, and weaknesses of our redesign.”

3. Introduce the final redesign

Finally, they notified all users about the final redesign. By this point, users had seen a few messages, ensuring a seamless transition to the new-and-improved platform.

✅ Results

By making gradual changes, keeping constant communication, and listening to customer feedback, Feefo was able to minimize the disruption that large-scale redesigns can cause.

They achieved a 30% user opt-in rate for the redesign, eased their users into a new interface, and collected valuable feedback that helped them fine-tune their product before launch. 


Our hot take

Sometimes improving the user experience requires introducing new friction—just make sure to be thoughtful about it! Keeping customers up to date and providing them with opportunities for feedback along the way can do wonders to make a launch go smoothly. We love to see it, Feefo!

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