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How Encamp retained an important customer with 5 minutes and no dev time

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Megan Walters
VP of Technical Program Management

About Encamp

Encamp is an enterprise technology company on a mission to create a world in which what’s good for business can be good for the environment. Since launching in 2017, Encamp has helped top organizations radically improve their environmental compliance operations and mitigate the risks of non-compliance.

🎯 The challenge

Keeping engineering and product teams focused on the roadmap (and away from the distraction of “special” projects) is easier said than done. Encamp faced this common challenge when an important customer asked for a one-off feature: surfacing chemical spill procedures to their employees in the Encamp app.

🏆 The solution

Enter Appcues banners and the magic of Notion. Megan Walters, VP of Technical Program Management at Encamp, used Notion to create a database of chemical spill reporting procedures. Then, she targeted a simple Appcues banner at the customer’s employees that linked to her newly-created Notion database. (Gotta love a good non-technical hack to a technical problem! 😍)

👀 How they did it

✅ Results

Encamp devised a resourceful, non-technical solution to support their customer’s one-off request. This allowed their product and engineering teams to focus on higher-priority projects impacting their entire user base. 

“It was the easiest lift to tie our system and the database together without involving engineering.”


Our hot take

Don't underestimate the power of non-technical team members launching their own solutions. Simple projects can make a huge difference in overall productivity. It’s hard to measure the value of keeping your engineering and product teams focused … or even the value of one very happy customer. But it’s all these small wins that add up to a killer product experience. 

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