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How Circa ignited a 370% surge in customer feedback with in-app NPS

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Lashona Boyd
Product Manager

About Circa

Circa helps companies accelerate their success by building more diverse, innovative, and high-performing teams. 

🎯 The challenge

Shona, the maven behind all things product experience at Circa, faced a challenge as old as time (well, at least as old as online surveys): getting people to care enough to respond. Armed with SurveyMonkey, the team was stuck at a meager 85 survey responses, and Shona knew it was time to kick it up a notch.

🏆 The solution

Shona leveraged Appcues NPS to bring user feedback opportunities directly into the product. This way, users could easily share their thoughts and opinions in the moment. 

Now, Circa could snag insights from their entire user base (not just from the small pool of strongly opinionated users who responded to their email.) Plus, Shona could effortlessly monitor daily responses, staying in sync with real-time user satisfaction trends.

👀 How they did it

1. Setting up NPS in a couple of steps

Shona leveraged Appcues NPS to seamlessly integrate user feedback directly into the product interface. By doing so, she made it convenient for users to share their thoughts, contributing to a more interactive and user-centric experience.

2. Monitoring user satisfaction as it happens

After the survey was set up, Shona monitored daily responses in real time to (1) keep a pulse on user satisfaction and (2) get ahead of potential issues. 

While we won’t share Circa’s specific NPS results (for obvious reasons 😉), here’s a look at what’s included in NPS reporting, including: scores over time, segment-specific scores, and a list of responses. 

✅ Results

Cue the drumroll! Circa's NPS responses skyrocketed from 85 to 440 in just one quarter. (370% QoQ increase?! Yes, please! 😍) 

And with the newfound ability to see daily responses, Shona swiftly routed responses to the right folks, shoring up a proactive feedback loop like never before. 


Our hot take

It’s easier to get users to share their thoughts in-product in real-time vs. through email days later. Plus, capturing feedback in the heat of the experience provides a more authentic representation of the user’s sentiments—offering your organization a deeper, richer understanding of their wants and needs. Kudos to Shona!

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