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How AdRoll serves up personalized recommendations to guide in-the-moment users

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Stephanie Cook
Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager

About AdRoll

AdRoll is a marketing and advertising platform that helps B2C brands grow revenue and save time on one streamlined platform.

🎯 The challenge

A lot of robust software contains a level of complexity that makes it hard to drill down into actionable first steps. Stephanie Cook, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager at AdRoll, is all too familiar with this challenge:

“Ensuring customers set up their accounts correctly is a pivotal first step, and doing it at scale can be challenging—but if we don’t get that squared away quickly, we lose a critical first impression with the customer." 

To make things even more complicated, she notes that “Because AdRoll is such a large and comprehensive tool, we have to walk them through individual product lifecycle stages. This is difficult to do without human support because you can’t ask those fine-tuned questions that would lead you to discovery in order to make that prescription of a tool.”

This challenge extends from a user’s first interaction with AdRoll throughout the adoption lifecycle.

🏆 The solution

“There's a need to provide education and bring customers up to speed so that they're able to use the tool effectively.”

To address this, Stephanie utilized Appcues flows to build surveys—or what she calls “strategy quizzes”. 

These helpful quizzes ask customers to input information about their goals and tech stack—in return, customers are recommended features that will bring them the most value.

👀 How they did it

1. Building quizzes 

Stephanie uses multi-step survey Flows that ask users a series of questions. “We ask the customer questions about their marketing mix and goals, and based on their answers, we make an educated prescription of a tool." 

AdRoll's strategy quiz
AdRoll's strategy quiz

2. Customized recommendations

Depending on what users click, Stephanie directs them to a specific step in the Flow, showing them a tailored recommendation.

AdRoll's strategy quiz recommendation

✅ Results

Strategy quizzes became a powerful way to guide users and increase adoption. Stephanie noted a 35% increase in feature usage after just one quiz had been completed. In addition to enhancing the customer experience, AdRoll is able to use these quizzes to gather invaluable data about their customer goals, objectives, and marketing tech stacks to inform their strategy and educational programs.

In the future, Stephanie plans to pass this information to their CRM for sales and customer success teams to leverage.


Our hot take

We’ve seen a lot of customers create personalized experiences, but this unique approach takes it to the next level. AdRoll's strategy is a fantastic example of using customer knowledge to connect the dots between customer needs and AdRoll’s features to drive adoption. Amazing work, Stephanie!

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