Overheard in Product: Resources, Relationships, Build Traps, Estimations, and Google Tricks


We’re back with part 8 of Overheard in Product—a series where we round up all of the tantalizing conversations from product folks that you may have missed on the web last week.

This week, we talk about product resources, the relationship between product and marketing, escaping the build trap, a new way to figure out engineering estimations, and 40 Google tricks you might not know.

Let’s get to it.

That’s what I call resource full

Bhavika Shah, PM at Pluralsight, gave us a thread of incredible resources for product folks.

this is a tweet from bhavika shah about decision making and prioritization skills as requirements for being a pm or product manager

This incredible thread covers topics like ruthless prioritization, mental models, and more.

Food for thought: What methods do you use to prioritize, and how could you document them to help your team and beyond?

You-know-what makes the dream work

Ruben Gamez, founder of Bidsketch and Docsketch, talked about what companies need to win in 2019.

this is a tweet from ruben gamez about product marketing and the importance of marketing for sa

In a follow up thread, he says, “From what I've seen, if we're going to generalize, I'd say product people don't focus enough on marketing, and marketing people don't focus enough on product. Of course, in reality it all depends on a lot of stuff.”

Food for thought: Why not take your marketer (or PM) out for a cup of coffee to tell them how much they mean to you? Then, get down to business.

Sketch you later

Aleksandra Melnikova, Head of Experience Design at Poke London, created an awesome sketch note of Melissa Perri’s talk at UX Thailand Conference.

this is a tweet from aleksandra melnikova about the ux thailand conference 2019 with a sketchnote about escaping the build trap for product led companies

Lots of goodies in this sketchnote, including the quote, “[the] role of the produce manager [is] understanding complexity.”

Food for thought: Melissa’s book, Escaping the Build Trap, came out a few weeks ago.

Carry the one...

I think Jesse Squires, iOS developer at PlanGrid, is really onto something here.

this is a tweet from jesse squires about engineering estimates about how long eng and dev will take

Food for thought: How do you accurately scope out engineering projects? Let us know on Twitter @Appcues.

Bonus: Because Google said so

Fast Company revealed 40 things you can do with a Google search, including a color picker that converts to any code type, a level tool (to use on your phone), and a way to search a site even when it’s down.

Brb—going to test my HEX knowledge with the color picker tool.

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